March 7, 2023

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  • 12:01pm Cool with You by Her’s on Songs of Her’s (Heist Or Hit Records), 2017
  • 12:12pm Elliot’s Song by Dominic Fike on Elliot’s Song (Euphoria Records), 2022
  • 12:16pm Wildfire by Cautious Clay on Deadpan Love (Cautious Clay), 2021
  • 12:18pm Happiness is a Butterfly by Lana Del Rey on Norman F**king Rockwell! (Explicit) (Polydor Records), 2019
  • 12:23pm Lovers Rock by TV Girl on French Exit (TV Girl), 2014
  • 12:31pm For the First Time by The Script on For the First Time (RCA Records Label), 2010
  • 12:35pm Come Back to Earth by Mac Miller on Swimming (Warner Records), 2018
  • 12:38pm my tears ricochet by Taylor Swift on folklore (Taylor Swift), 2020
  • 12:42pm I Think I Like When It Rains by Willis on Locals 2 (Willis), 2017
  • 12:56pm My Ego Dies at the End by Jensen McRae on My Ego Dies At The End (Human Re Sources), 2021
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