February 24, 2023

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  • 2:03am Cold Calling by Mike Pace and the Child Actors on Best Boy (The Self-Starter Foundation), 2015
  • 2:06am Skin Within by Fascinator on Water Sign (Caroline Music Australia Pty Ltd), 2018
  • 2:10am American Woman by Lenny Kravitz on Greatest Hits (Virgin Records), 2000
  • 2:14am Candy by The Men on Open Your Heart (Spunk), 2012
  • 2:18am Holding Out For You by Pond on Come Down Sunday (UMG Recordings, Inc.), 2020
  • 2:23am In the Morning by The Accidentals on Odyssey (Masterworks), 2017
  • 2:26am (Not Your) Victim by Frankie and the Studs on (Not Your) Victim (Punktured Media RedFan), 2020
  • 2:29am What I Need by Sweet Leda on Need the Music (Sweet Leda), 2011
  • 2:29am TiK ToK by Ke$ha on TiK ToK (RCA Records Label), 2009
  • 2:30am Know Better Learn Faster by Thao on Know Better Learn Faster (Kill Rock Stars), 2009
  • 2:34am L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold on L.E.S Artistes EP (Canadian version) (Warner Music Canada), 2008
  • 2:38am Midnight City by M83 on Midnight City Remixes (POD), 2011
  • 2:42am You Can Have Alonetime When You’re Dead by Remember Sports on Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter Records), 2018
  • 2:45am Song in Five by Little Lungs on Get Your Kicks and Go (Little Lungs), 2019
  • 2:49am Shiver Shiver by WALK THE MOON on Walk The Moon (Expanded Edition) (RCA Records Label), 2012
  • 2:53am Let’s Ride by Jeremy Poland on Southbound Heart (Jeremy Poland), 2015
  • 2:56am Show Me Islands by Wild Ones on Heatwave (Topshelf Records), 2015
  • 3:00am Alone by Dan Black on Un (Polydor Records), 2009
  • 3:06am Senile by G. Small on Production TRX 029 (TRX Music Publishing), 2015
  • 3:07am Kids by The Ooks of Hazzard on The Ooks of Hazzard (Teardrop Trailer Music), 2014
  • 3:08am Pumpkinhead by Telamor on Crush (Olex Music), 2018
  • 3:12am Time’s Still (For No One Yet) by Talk In Tongues on Alone With A Friend (Fairfax Recordings), 2015
  • 3:15am All Those Pretty Things by Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause on The Rustic Contemporary Sounds of Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause (International Hits), 2008
  • 3:19am Around The World by Red Hot Chili Peppers on Californication (Deluxe Version) (Warner Bros.), 1999
  • 3:20am Swaddle by Soft Kill on Savior (Profound Lore), 2018
  • 3:25am Out Of Time by Yuck on Glow & Behold (Virgin EMI), 2013
  • 3:28am Heaven by Popstrangers on Heaven (Carpark Records), 2013
  • 3:31am Sky Father by 6 Day Riot on Bring on the Waves (Hubris Records), 2015
  • 3:34am Small Spaces by Cassia on Small Spaces (Distiller), 2019
  • 3:37am The John Wayne by Little Green Cars on The John Wayne (Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC), 2019
  • 3:42am Still Standing by Michael Franti & Spearhead on SOULROCKER (Fantasy Records), 2016
  • 3:46am Don’t Knock It (‘Til You Try It) by Whisky Train on Automatic Sin 2004
  • 3:50am Punching in a Dream by The Naked And Famous on The Leaders List (Sony Music Entertainment), 2013
  • 3:54am Crazy Bird by Wild Child on Crazy Bird (The Noise Company), 2013
  • 3:58am Sticky Sand by The Donkeys on Sun Damaged Youth (The Donkeys), 2018
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