February 12, 2023

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  • 11:05pm Shake the Sheets by Ted Leo on Shake the Sheets (Ted Leo), 2012
  • 11:10pm Mr Loverman by Ricky Montgomery on Montgomery Ricky (Crescent Heights Records), 2016
  • 11:13pm Oh Ana by Mother Mother on Touch Up (Last Gang Records Inc.), 2007
  • 11:20pm Always Forever by cults on Static (Columbia), 2013
  • 11:24pm Take Me to Church by Hozier on Take Me to Church EP (Rubyworks), 2013
  • 11:28pm I Love You So by The Walters on Songs for Dads (The Walters), 2014
  • 11:36pm Juliet by Cavetown on Animal Kingdom: Sandy (Oat Milk), 2018
  • 11:41pm treehouse alex g by lil luv faygo on treehouse alex g (lil luv faygo), 2021
  • 11:50pm Je te laisserai des mots by Patrick Watson on Je te laisserai des mots (Secret City Records), 2010
  • 11:53pm Love Like You (End Credits) by Steven Universe on Steven Universe (Soundtrack: Vol. 1) (Cartoon Network Music), 2017
  • 11:57pm Free Skate by Loose Tooth on Big Day (Father/Daughter Records, Lame-O Records), 2017
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