February 10, 2023

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  • 11:00am Child by Ninet on Child (Ninet), 2015
  • 11:04am We Move Like The Ocean by Bad Suns on We Move Like The Ocean (Vagrant Records)
  • 11:07am Shame by Sego on Shame (Roll Call Records), 2019
  • 11:10am Say Something by Ceschi on Broken Bone Ballads (Fake Four, Inc.), 2015
  • 11:14am Sugar Pill by Ambulance LTD on LP (The Orchard), 2004
  • 11:18am Walk This Way by Aerosmith on Toys In The Attic (Columbia), 2011
  • 11:19am Electric Love by Lily McQueen on Electric Love (Concierge Records), 2017
  • 11:23am The Electric by Mt. Wolf on Aetherlight (CRC Records), 2019
  • 11:29am Oh Father by Kalo on Dear John (Something Blue Records), 2013
  • 11:36am Forefathers by Astronomique on Sharp Divide (881944 Records DK2), 2018
  • 11:39am Hello Vancouver by Dreamer & Son on Written Off, Moving On (Dreamer & Son), 2016
  • 11:44am Stay Right Here by Micah E. Wood on Stay Right Here (Garner Records), 2019
  • 11:48am Same Train by Dennis Jones on My Kinda Blues (Blue Rock Records), 2012
  • 11:51am Speed by The Patrick Jaouen Band on Masqué (Iscorg Productions), 2020
  • 11:56am Sooner or Later by Ajay Mathur on Talking Loud (Yaketeeyak Music), 2022
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