February 1, 2023

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  • 9:03pm Pioneer Spine by Speedy Ortiz on Pioneer Spine (Carpark Records), 2013
  • 9:07pm Calling Out by Remember Sports on Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter Records), 2018
  • 9:09pm Wide Awake by Kinsey on My Loneliest Debut (Microcultures), 2015
  • 9:14pm Downswing by Superheaven on Ours Is Chrome (SideOneDummy), 2015
  • 9:19pm Salary Man by Kiwi jr. on Football Money (Persona Non Grata), 2020
  • 9:22pm Find It by Bass Drum of Death on Say I Won’t (Fat Possum), 2023
  • 9:25pm Connect The Dots by Wild Party on Phantom Pop (Fearless Records), 2016
  • 9:29pm Paperback Writer by The Beatles on The Beatles in Mono (The Complete Mono Recordings) (EMI), 2009
  • 9:31pm DECIMATION by HEALTH on VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR (Loma VIsta Recordings), 2019
  • 9:36pm No-One by The Psychedelic Furs on Made of Rain (Cooking Vinyl Limited), 2020
  • 9:40pm Radiant Mountain Road by Arbor Labor Union on Radiant Mountain Road (Subpop Record Group), 2016
  • 9:45pm Shadowcast by Lockemy on Kingdoms (Lockemy), 2020
  • 9:49pm Deep Love by Diamond Youth on Nothing Matters (Topshelf Records), 2015
  • 9:52pm Light by The Sedonas on The Sedonas (The Sedonas), 2016
  • 9:56pm Barnacle Boy by Aina Haina on Second Best (Badman Recording Co), 2019
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