January 27, 2023

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  • 2:00am Carrot Rope by Pavement on Carrot Rope (Matador), 2021
  • 2:04am Black Country Hair by LQ Bucket on Loud Devil (Lq Bucket), 2017
  • 2:07am Bloom by Marnie on Strange Words and Weird Wars (Disco Pinata), 2017
  • 2:10am Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens on The Age of Adz (Asthmatic Kitty), 2010
  • 2:12am I Can Be Some Good by Guy Pearce on Broken Bones (Vast Image), 2014
  • 2:16am Spit It Out by Brendan Benson on The Alternative to Love (V2), 2005
  • 2:21am Hello Goodbye by The Beatles on 1 (EMI), 2000
  • 2:24am I’m Your Boogie Man by Kc & The Sunshine Band on Shake Your Booty (Synergie OMP), 2006
  • 2:28am Submission by Basement on Submission (Run For Cover Records, LLC), 2017
  • 2:31am Smile More by Deap Vally on Femejism (Cooking Vinyl), 2016
  • 2:35am Chickens by The Dodos on Beware of the Maniacs (The Dodos), 2007
  • 2:38am Fire Rides by on No Mythologies to Follow (Deluxe) (Chess Club/RCA Victor), 2014
  • 2:41am Here We Come by Night Lights on Here We Come (Night Lights), 2014
  • 2:45am Around the Lake by Fools & Horses on Pop Filter (Independent), 2007
  • 2:49am OMG by You Say France And I Whistle on Angry Men (SPV Recordings), 2012
  • 2:53am A Hard Rain Comin’ by ØZWALD on Sweet Delirium (ALLSWELL RECORDS), 2019
  • 2:57am Couldn’t See Past My Ego by GUM on The Underdog (Caroline Music Australia Pty Ltd), 2018
  • 3:00am Pall Mall by Brunette on Fight Night (Dark Hair Records), 2022
  • 3:04am Swim Until You Can’t See Land by Frightened Rabbit on The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (POD), 2010
  • 3:08am Mr. Jinx (Clean Version) by Quarashi on Jinx (Clean Version) (Time Bomb Recordings), 2002
  • 3:11am She Owns the Streets by The Raveonettes on Observator (Beat Dies Records), 2012
  • 3:14am Hey Little Sister by The Postelles on The Postelles (+1 Records), 2011
  • 3:18am The End by Shlohmo on Rock Music EP (Friends Of Friends), 2019
  • 3:22am Autumn by Chyna Mein (LO Nation) on Autumn (LO Nation Prod), 2019
  • 3:23am Keeping Bees by Air Traffic Controller on Echo Papa (Air Traffic Controller), 2017
  • 3:27am Buzzkill(er) by The Dead Weather on Dodge and Burn (ADA US), 2015
  • 3:31am Run by Foo Fighters on Run (RCA Records Label), 2017
  • 3:36am Tennessee Highway by Drift Mouth on Tennessee Highway (Wild Frontier), 2020
  • 3:41am Something More by Pretty Little Empire on Pretty Little Empire (Extension Chord Records), 2013
  • 3:45am In Due Time by Joint Operation on In Due Time (JO Records), 2020
  • 3:48am Tomorrows Crashes by The Dead Ships on EP I (The Dead Ships), 2015
  • 3:52am Power & Control by MARINA on Power & Control (East West Records UK Ltd), 2012
  • 3:56am Birnam Wood by MewithoutYou on Birnam Wood (Run For Cover Records, LLC), 2020
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