January 22, 2023

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  • 7:01am Home by Jack Johnson on A Brokedown Melody (Brushfire Records/Universal), 2006
  • 7:04am Wild Blue by John Mayer on Sob Rock (Columbia), 2021
  • 7:08am Don’t Wanna Die Anymore by Ivan & Alyosha on All the Times We Had (Missing Piece Records), 2018
  • 7:12am Heartbeats by José Gonzáles on The Road Mix: Music From The Television Series One Tree Hill Vol. 3 (Maverick), 2007
  • 7:18am I Hear You Calling by Kevin Morby on I Hear You Calling (Dead Oceans), 2021
  • 7:22am The Captain Is Drunk by Jack Johnson on The Captain Is Drunk (JJ/All the Light Above It Too), 2020
  • 7:25am Mt. Joy by Mt. Joy on Mt. Joy (Dualtone Music Group, Inc.), 2018
  • 7:28am Mykonos (Album) by Fleet Foxes on Mykonos b/w False Knight On The Road (Sub Pop Records), 2009
  • 7:36am Insane Love by Mr. Gnome on The Day You Flew Away (El Marko Records), 2020
  • 7:41am Speaking Off the Record by Hotel Mira on Speaking Off the Record (Light Organ Records), 2019
  • 7:45am Body Bag (Tied to a Stone) by Futurist on Omens (Avalanche Artists), 2019
  • 7:49am Lovers by Anna of the North on Lovers (Non-Wea/Other), 2017
  • 7:52am Palm’s Backside by Toothless on Palm’s Backside (paradYse), 2016
  • 7:56am Cain #Able by Tigerdog on That Was Then. This Is Meow. (Rad Cat Records), 2017
  • 7:58am Freaks to the Front by Amyl and The Sniffers on Freaks to the Front (Rough Trade), 2021
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