January 21, 2023

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  • 10:03am Move Along by Paul Charles Raymond Parker on Essential Indie Rock And Pop (De Wolfe Music Library)
  • 10:06am Azzaman by Imarhan on Azzaman (City Slang), 2017
  • 10:10am Lead Us Through The Night by Small Feet on From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean (Barsuk Records), 2015
  • 10:14am Marrying For Love by Dear Boy on Forever Sometimes (Last Gang), 2022
  • 10:17am Exposed by The Seers on Signals (The Seers), 2016
  • 10:20am Welcome to the Edge Times by Jon Patrick Walker on Welcome to the Edge Times (Walksly Songs), 2019
  • 10:23am All These Kids Are Way Too High by Low Cut Connie on Dirty Pictures (Part 2) (Contender Records), 2018
  • 10:27am Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton on Unplugged (Rhino/Warner Bros.), 2013
  • 10:32am Janie’s Got A Gun by Aerosmith on Big Ones (Universal Music), 1994
  • 10:37am Souvenir by Campdogzz on Souvenir (15 Passenger), 2018
  • 10:40am List of Demands (Reparations) by The Kills on List of Demands (Reparations) (Domino Recording Co), 2018
  • 10:44am Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin on Les indispensables (Sony Music Media), 2001
  • 10:46am Given Up My Head by Dusty Low on Go for Broke (Dusty Low), 2011
  • 10:50am Constant Conversations by Passion Pit on Ultimate… Chillout (Legacy Recordings), 2017
  • 10:54am Sundar Singh by the Soil & the Sun on Meridian (Audiotree Music), 2014
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