January 15, 2023

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  • 8:00pm The Man You Could’ve Loved by Mark Hopkins & the Pretty War on VIII (Mark Hopkins & the Pretty War), 2019
  • 8:03pm That I Do (Mikey Free Remix) by Wye Oak on My Neighbor / My Creator (Merge Records), 2010
  • 8:07pm When Will I See You Again? by Angela Sheik on One By One (Angela Sheik), 2013
  • 8:11pm Drippin’ in Gold by The Never Ending Fall on The Never Ending Fall (The Never Ending Fall), 2016
  • 8:15pm Jaded by Aerosmith on O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (Columbia), 2001
  • 8:16pm Thanks for the Love by Eze Jackson on L.I.V.E. N.O.W. (Love Is Victorious Everyday. No Other Way) (678623 Records DK), 2014
  • 8:18pm Step Away by No Presents For Christmas on Pearls Before Swine (LightHouse Records), 2014
  • 8:23pm Light of the Muse by Medium Underground on Second Sight (Medium Underground), 2006
  • 8:28pm Cosmic Cave by Ex Hex on It’s Real (Merge Records), 2019
  • 8:31pm Head in the Clouds by Lavender on Head in the Clouds (Lavender), 2019
  • 8:35pm Let It Go by Jah Works on Hard To Find (Riddim House Productions), 2019
  • 8:40pm Rising Tide by Letitia Vansant on Circadian (Letitia Vansant Music), 2020
  • 8:45pm Before She Knows by Rhett Repko on Before She Knows (Rhett Repko), 2018
  • 8:47pm Bleach Injection by The Creachies on Lockdown (The Creachies), 2021
  • 8:50pm In the Morning by Modern Nomad on There It Is, There You Are (Modern Nomad), 2021
  • 8:54pm White Coat Syndrome by Pompeii Graffiti on Internet World Tour (DISTROKID), 2018
  • 8:58pm The Dirty Dogs Radio Show by Bosley on The Dirty Dogs Radio Show (Bosley), 2014
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