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02/17/10 Both Feet In Premiere Sierra and Robert Previews [audio:bfi_premiere.mp3]Download
03/07/10 Sierra Part 1 Sierra [audio:bfi_sierra_episode_1.mp3]Download Part 1
03/14/10 Sierra Part 2 Sierra [audio:bfi_sierra_episode_2.mp3]Download Part 2
03/21/10 Robert Robert [audio:bfi_robert.mp3]Download
03/28/10 Derrick and James Derrick and James [audio:bfi_derrick_james.mp3]Download
04/04/10 Nyheim Nyheim [audio:bfi_nyheim.mp3]Download
04/11/10 Tina Tina [audio:bfi_tina.mp3]Download
04/18/10 Mark Mark [audio:bfi_mark.mp3]Download
05/02/10 Joe Part 1 Joe [audio:bfi_joe_episode_1.mp3]Download Part 1
05/09/10 Joe Part 2 Joe [audio:bfi_joe_episode_2.mp3]Download Part 2
06/06/10 History of Homelessness in the United States Pt 1 Donald Whitehead [audio:bfi_donald_episode_1.mp3]Download Part 1
06/13/10 History of Homelessness in the United States Pt 2 Donald Whitehead [audio:bfi_donald_episode_2.mp3]Download Part 2
06/20/10 Donald Whitehead’s personal story Donald Whitehead [audio:bfi_donald_episode_3.mp3]Download
07/04/10 Tony Tony [audio:bfi_tony.mp3]Download
08/01/10 JR JR [audio:bfi_JR.mp3]Download
09/22/10 (Live) Homeless Youth in Baltimore Monifa Wilson [audio:BFI_Live_091810.mp3]Download
10/10/10 Brian Part 1 Brian [audio:bfi_Brian_episode_1.mp3]Download
10/17/10 Brian Part 2 Brian [audio:bfi_Brian_episode_2.mp3]Download
10/27/10 (Live) Back on My Feet Jackie Truncellito [audio:bfi_Live_102710.mp3]Download
11/07/10 Jimmy and Krystle Jimmy and Krystle [audio:bfi_Jimmy_Krystle.mp3]Download
12/11/10 Hands in Partnership Pt 1 Many guests (see post) [audio:bfi_HIP_episode_1.mp3]Download Part 1
12/18/10 Hands in Partnership Pt 2 Many guests (see post) [audio:bfi_HIP_episode_2.mp3]Download Part 2
01/26/11 (Live) Maryland Center for Veterans Education Col. Charles Williams and Arnold Shipman [audio:bfi_MCVET.mp3]Download
02/19/11 A Bench is Not a Bed * Many guests [audio:bfi_BenchNotBed.mp3]Download
04/27/11 (Live) H.O.P.E. Center Thomas K. Hicks [audio:bfi_HOPE.mp3]Download
06/25/11 Tonia * Tonia [audio:bfi_Tonia.mp3]Download
07/02/11 Kevin * Kevin [audio:bfi_Kevin.mp3]Download
07/06/11 (Live) Our Daily Bread Sabree Akinyele, Director ODBEC/Christopher’s Place [audio:bfi_Our-Daily-Bread.mp3]Download
08/31/11 (Live) Baltimore Homeless Emergency Environmental Services Unit Jackie Adams, Program Manager [audio:BFI_Live_090111.mp3]Download
10/01/11 Manny * Manny [audio:bfi_Manny.mp3]Download
11/05/11 Lohr’s Restaurant; Homeless to Ownership Pt. 1 David Jones Sr., Owner [audio:BFI_Lohrs_Pt1.mp3]Download
11/12/11 Lohr’s Restaurant; Homeless to Ownership Pt. 2 David Jones Sr., Owner [audio:BFI_Lohrs_Pt2.mp3]Download
12/21/11 (Live) Baltimore’s new Code Blue Daniel Jarvis, Clinical Director [audio:BFI_Live_122111.mp3]Download
03/08/12 (Live) Marian House Katie Allston, Executive Director & Rhonda Windchester, resident [audio:BFI_Live_030812.mp3]Download
04/11/12 (Live) Feedmore Program Peggy Vick, Director of Family & Volunteer Services [audio:BFI_Feedmore.mp3]Download
05/26/12 Karen ** Karen [audio:bfi_Karen.mp3]Download
06/02/12 The Danger of a Single Story Pt. 1 *** Joanna, Brandon, Anthony, Sidney [audio:bfi_Danger_of_a_Single_Story.mp3]Download
06/09/12 The Danger of a Single Story Pt. 2 ^ Jesse, Vanessa, Bill, Mike, Carleton [audio:bfi_Single_Story_Part_2.mp3]Download
06/13/12 (Live) Bonnie & Word on the Street Bonnie Lane, Writer & Vendor, Word on the Street newspaper [audio:BFI_Bonnie_WOTS.mp3]Download
03/23/13 Damien Damien [audio:BFI_Damien.mp3]Download
03/30/13 Paul Paul [audio:BFI_Paul.mp3]Download
04/06/13 Seneca Seneca [audio:BFI_Seneca.mp3]Download
04/13/13 Nathan Nathan, “Mayor” of Camp 83 [audio:BFI_Nathan.mp3]Download
04/20/13 Sidney Sidney, WOTS vendor [audio:BFI_Sidney.mp3]Download
04/27/13 Mary Beth Mary Beth [audio:BFI_MaryBeth.mp3]Download
05/04/13 James James C. [audio:BFI_JamesC.mp3]Download
05/11/13 Chris Chris [audio:BFI_Chris.mp3]Download
05/18/13 Tony Tony [audio:BFI_Tony_2.mp3]Download
05/25/13 Shaka Part 1 Shaka [audio:BFI_Shaka_1.mp3]Download
06/08/13 Shaka Part 2 Shaka [audio:BFI_Shaka_2.mp3]Download
07/06/13 John John [audio:BFI_John.mp3]Download
07/20/13 Mondo Mondo [audio:BFI_Mondo.mp3]Download
07/27/13 Karen Karen [audio:BFI_Karen2.mp3]Download
08/17/13 Bill Bill [audio:BFI_Bill.mp3]Download
08/24/13 Taylor Taylor [audio:BFI_Taylor.mp3]Download
08/31/13 Leon Leon [audio:BFI_Leon.mp3]Download
09/14/13 Gregg Gregg [audio:BFI_Gregg.mp3]Download
09/21/13 Kali Kali [audio:BFI_Kali.mp3]Download
09/28/13 Persey Persey [audio:BFI_Persey.mp3]Download
10/05/13 Damien Damien [audio:BFI_Damien_2.mp3]Download
04/19/14 Wendel [audio:BFI_Wendel.mp3]Download
04/26/14 Paulette Paulette [audio:BFI_Paulette.mp3]Download

Shows 2/17/10-6/13/12 are hosted by Dr. Sylvia Park
Shows 3/1/13-10/5/13 are hosted by Bonnie Lane
Shows 4/19/14-present are hosted by Julia Hartstein
* Hosted by Lindsay Vanderheiden
** Hosted by Vanessa Borotz
*** Hosted by Joanna Gervais
^ Hosted by Jesse McDermott & Vanessa Borotz

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