Both Feet In : A Homeless Resource Guide

Has our program inspired you to help, or stimulated your need for more information?
This page will provide you with a starting point for local and national resources on issues of homelessness.

Outreach Services Guide—Homeless Youth and Adults
Compiled by the Outreach Team of Service Navigators
at the City Steps Youth Resource Center

If you want to help the person experiencing homelessness by referring them to a place where they can get help, this resource guide lists basic food, clothing and shelter options for homeless adults and youth (ages 14-24) in the Baltimore City Metropolitan Area. DOWNLOAD THE PDF

If you are inspired to donate your TIME: Many shelters, service groups and others can use your assistance in preparing food, goods, services, etc… each has it’s own set of criteria, so please contact them directly for the details:
WLOY BFI Volunteering (updated 3/22/10)

If you are inspired to donate MONEY: Your donations are always welcome and helpful. The list of groups below can accept donations online, via mail or in person. All of these organizations are Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and your donation is likely tax deductable, but you should verify with your accountant.
Baltimore HealthCare Access
Healthcare for the Homeless
Word on the Street homeless newspaper

If you are inspired to donate GOODS: Commonly needed materials include the following
*Hats, Scarf’s, gloves
*Bags to carry all items in – backpack, duffel bags, etc.
*Food  – snacks (granola bars, dried fruits, packet tuna, etc… with long shelf life and small containers)
*Gift cards to grocery stores, fast food, coffeshops, etc. (typically $5-$20 cards)
*Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, pack of tissues, etc.
*Dress Clothing – professional clothes are always needed to help in job interviews!

Locations accepting goods include:
Baltimore HealthCare Access – Please contact the agency directly in order to determine how to drop off goods.
Baltimore Free Store – Southwest Baltimore location accepting goods on Saturdays, see website for details.
The Book Thing – Taking used books and giving them out for free.

If you own a business and would like to support episodes of Both Feet In, please email or call 410-617-5349 to discuss how you can help. We are not accepting payment, only goods that can be redistributed to help those in need. Both WLOY Loyola Radio/Loyola University Maryland and Baltimore HeathCare Access are Maryland 501(c)(3) organizations and your donation of goods could be tax deductible.

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