A Little Bit of Everything


Host: Chris & Ryan

A connection that was made during the pre-fall program based on laughter, jokes, music and more laughter and jokes, continues on with Ryan Dugan and Chris DiTaranto. They are the two new kids on the block, playing artists that range from The Beatles to Fall Out Boy to Billy Joel. Join us on Wednesday from 9pm-10pm.

Sample Playlist:

1.Vision of Division- The Strokes
2. Front Porch Sunrise- Forever Came Calling
3. Where is your Boy/ Grand Theft Autumn- Fall Out Boy
4. Gold on The Ceiling- The Black Keys
5. Float On- Modest Mouse
6. Heart of Gold-Neil Young
7. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
8. The Stranger- Billy Joel
9. Mr. Brightside- The Killers
11. Honesty- The Victory
10. Could it Be Another Change- The Samples
12. Soco Amaretto Lime- Brand New
13. Disenchanted- My Chemical Romance
14. The Urge- Logan’s Run

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