Walter Parks Interview & Performance

May 16th, 2013 by The Professor

Walter Parks, solo artist, guitarist for the now-late Richie Havens, leader of Swamp Cabbage, and all around nice guy stopped by the station finally. We’ve only been trying to make that happen for 4 years… It seemed that something always came up when we tried to make it work so when we finally got the stars to align, I wasn’t going to let him leave after a few questions. Fortunately Walter (and his lovely wife Margo) stuck around for over an hour playing and talking.

Walter pulled out his rare Guild guitar (serial number 1) for “The Lid” from the first Cabbage album, then did the unreleased debut of an instrumental “Sugarhouse” which may finally be released this summer. Finally he pulled out the acoustic and played a great version of the Allman Brothers “Little Martha” which also appears on the latest Swamp Cabbage CD by the full electric trio.

We recorded it all, well not all because I didn’t start the recording initially…d’oh. Now you can listen just in case you missed it the first time through.


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