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Bringing back classic vintage radio shows from the 1920s-1960s. New shows EVERY WEEK! Note that some weeks will be rotated with Radio Plays created with Roland Park Middle School 8th grade students and their teacher Ms. Karen Saar. WLOY works with the classes every semester to create and record unique radio plays for broadcast. We mix these in place of OTR some weeks, so you never know what you’ll find!


For over twenty years, Jack Benny was the king of radio comedy. He got his start as a guest on Ed Sullivan’s radio show in 1932. From there, he was given his own show later in the year, called The Canada Dry Program (Canada Dry Ginger Ale was the sponsor). Various sponsors had their name in the title over the course of his period on radio, but, Jack Benny starred every show, displaying his vast comedic talent. In his time on the radio, Benny revolutionized the way in which humor was played. He began by introducing situation comedy as well as giving some of his best lines to his supporting cast. The fantastic crew of characters that surrounded Benny included Rochester, Don Wilson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, and Mary Livingstone.

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