August 8, 2020

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  • 12:00pm Italy by Eleonora Buonpane on The World Sings Goodnight (Silver Wave Records)
  • 12:10pm Thanks A Lot by Raffi on Best Of Raffi (UMG – New Rounder)
  • 12:13pm Pachamama / Mother Earth by Mister G on Mundo Verde / Green World (Coil Records)
  • 12:14pm Las Abejas / The Bees by Mister G on Mundo Verde / Green World (Coil Records)
  • 12:15pm Extinction Really Stinks by The Whizpops! on Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1 (The Whizpops LLC)
  • 12:19pm Dance with Me by The Not-Its! on Are You Listening? (Little Loopy Records)
  • 12:21pm There’ll Come a Day by Pete Seeger on Tomorrow’s Children (Appleseed)
  • 12:28pm Baby Beluga by Raffi on Baby Beluga (Rounder)
  • 12:31pm I Nod My Head by Raffi on Owl Singalong (UMG – New Rounder)
  • 12:32pm Monkey Jump by Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys on Wonderful You (Monkey Jump Music)
  • 12:35pm Patas en el Aire / Paws in the Air by Mister G on Mundo Verde / Green World (Coil Records)
  • 12:38pm Dog On The Floor by Raffi on Dog On The Floor (New Rounder (UMG Account))
  • 12:40pm Biggest Brother by Tim Kubart on Home (2015 Tim And The Space Cadets)
  • 12:44pm Belly Button Song by Music For Aardvarks and Other Mammals/David Weinstone on Taxi (Music For Aardvarks)
  • 12:46pm Shame by Sego on Shame (Roll Call Records)
  • 12:49pm Box by Dude York on Box (Hardly Art)
  • 12:53pm Die by Girls on Father Son Holy Ghost (POD)
  • 12:58pm Cut Me Loose by St. Tropez on St. Tropez EP (St. Tropez)
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