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WLOY’s weekly show all about money. Dena Frenkel, former professional financial advisor, brings you all manner of topics and tips on how to handle money. Whether it’s advice for recent graduates or how to develop a will, it’s covered on Centsable Finance. Past shows are archived so even if you miss one, you can find the information you need on the WLOY website!


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Creating and Building a 501(c)3 Non-ProfitRobert A Snyder, Esquire
Thomas & Libowitz
01/05/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 05-Jan-2012.mp3]Download Robert Snyder, Esq., Thomas & Libowitz, works with non profits. He will explain from A-Z what you have to do and have in place legally to get started and then sustain a non-profit.
Home Schooling: A Rewarding ChoiceYehudis Eagle, Conference Coordinator, Torah Home Education AssociationAmanda Keefe & Makilah Witt, former students
Rebecca Masinter, Home Schooling Mother
01/12/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 12-Jan-2012.mp3]Download Tune in and learn about how home schooling and how it might work for you. Yehudis Eagle, Conference Coordinator, Torah Home Education Association is an experienced home schooling mom. Joining her will be Amanda Keefe & Makilah Witt, former home schooled students & Rebecca Masinter, a home schooling mom.
Why Use a Credit Union?Cindy Jones, Youth Marketing Specialist
First Financial Credit Union
01/19/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 19-Jan-2012.mp3]Download What are the benefits to using a credit union and how are they different from regular banks? Learn what First Financial Credit Union offers Loyola staff and students. Cindy Jones, Youth Marketing Specialist, First Financial Credit Union will explain.
Community Development BankingWilliam Backstrom, VP, Territory Manager
PNC Bank
01/26/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 26-Jan-2012.mp3]Download PNC Bank’s CDB works to improve low and moderate income neighborhoods though innovative banking solutions and grants to community organizations providing local services. William Backstrom, VP Territory Mgr for PNC Bank is our guest.
The Basics of Tax PreparationSam Handwerger, CPA, Partner
H C F & L
02/02/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 02-Feb-2012.mp3]Download Sam Handwerger, CPA, Partner, H C F & L, a full service accounting firm offers concrete steps to better understand how to approach filing your taxes. What forms are needed and what basic information? This is your chance to virtually “meet” with an accountant and at no charge.
Small Business Start UpSam Handwerger, CPA, Partner
H C F & L
02/09/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 09-Feb-2012.mp3]Download You have a great idea and want to start a small business. What do you need to know in terms of set up and tax issues? Join Sam Handwerger, CPA, Partner, H C F & L, and he will provide concrete information to help you get started the right way.
Housing Benefits & Community Resources for Fixed Income SeniorsRona Gross, Sr. Home Benefits Coordinator
CHAI Neighborhood Program
02/16/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 16-Feb-2012.mp3]Download What benefits and resources does your local community development organization have for fixed income seniors to keep you in your home and well maintained? Join Rona Gross, Sr. Home Benefits Coordinator, CHAI Neighborhood Program.
Love and MoneyTracy Sorzano, J.D., L.L.M., Sr. VP, Wealth Management Director
PNC Bank
02/23/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 23-Feb-2012.mp3]Download PNC Wealth Management’s just released survey “Love and Money” provides unique insights to how affluent couples think about money. But the lessons learned from the survey apply to any family dynamic. Tracy Sorzano, J.D., L.L.M., Sr. VP, Wealth Management Dir., PNC Bank, fills us in on the details.
Consumer FinanceCharles Shafer, Member of Board & Former President MD Consumer Rights Coalition, Professor of Consumer Law, University of Baltimore Law School 03/01/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 01-Mar-2012.mp3]Download What legal protections exist under the law to help prevent fraud, identity theft and other consumer problems? What can you do for yourself to help? Charles Shafer, Board member & former President, MD Consumer Rights Coalition/ Professor , Univ. of Baltimore Law School, is our guest to answer these questions and more.
An Expanded Definition of “Pets” And the Resources To Care for ThemDonna Bernstein & Peg Nemoff, co-Founders
Community Cats of Maryland
03/08/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 08-Mar-2012.mp3]Download As a result of people abandoning unaltered animals, especially cats, colonies of these “free roaming” cats have become commonplace. Many people are choosing to care for them as a new type of “pet”. Find out how to properly and affordably care for these free roaming cats in your community. Peg Nemoff & Donna Bernstein, cofounders, Community Cats of MD tell how.
Facing Foreclosure: What Steps Should You Take?Robert N. GrossbartEsq.
Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, P.A.
03/15/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 15-Mar-2012.mp3]Download A common reaction to facing foreclosure that is worst thing you can do is to ignore your situation. Robert Grossbart, Esq., Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, P.A., will give you concrete steps you can take to take control of a frightening circumstance.
Surviving BankruptcyRobert N. GrossbartEsq
Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, P.A.
03/22/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 22-Mar-2012.mp3]Download Know your rights and what you can expect when facing the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. What are your options and what happens afterward? Robert N. Grossbart Esq., Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, P.A., will help you understand.
529 Plans and Saving for College?Joan Marshall, Executive Director
College Savings Plans of Maryland
03/29/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 29-Mar-2012.mp3]Download Why Use 529 Plans to Save for College? Why is it important to start early? Maryland offers two types of 529 plans- What is the difference? What incentives does Maryland give parents saving for their children’s college? Joan Marshall, Executive Director, College Savings Plans of Maryland, is our resident expert.
Grow Up GreatTBD,Greater Maryland Regional President
PNC Bank
04/05/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 05-Apr-2012.mp3]Download PNC Grow Up Great is a comprehensive, bilingual program to help prepare children from birth to age five – with a focus on underserved children – for success in school and life by supporting families, educators and community partners . TBD, Greater MD Regional Pres., PNC Bank, gives us more details.
Baltimore Green CurrencyJeff Dicken & Julie Gouldener, Co-Directors
Baltimore Green Currency Association
04/12/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 12-Apr-2012.mp3]Download What is Baltimore Green Currency? How does it work and which merchants accept it? Besides the 10% discount, are there other reasons for using it? Jeff Dicken & Julie Gouldener, Co-Directors of the Baltimore Green Currency Association will tell all.
Economic Sustainability and BarteringJeff Dicken, Director
Baltimore Green Currency Association
04/19/2012 [audio:Centsable Finance 19-Apr-2012.mp3]Download What do economic sustainability systems including bartering offer you and your family? How would you find someone to barter with? Tune in for an interesting conversation with Jeff Dicken, Director of the Baltimore Green Currency Association.
Protecting Your Rights as a RenterRalph Sapia, Esquire
The Law Office of Ralph Sapia
04/26/2012 Coming Soon Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a renter? What can you do if your landlord won’t fix things or tries to evict you? Do you know how the housing court works? Ralph Sapia, Esq., The Law Office of Ralph Sapia, answers some of these questions.
Divorce and Your FinancesRalph Sapia, Esquire
The Law Office of Ralph Sapia
05/03/2012 Coming Soon Divorce is traumatic enough but how about the effects on your financial situation? Ralph Sapia, Esq., The Law Office of Ralph Sapia, will let you know how to be better prepared through the divorce process and your new reality afterward.
Talking to Your Kids About MoneyStuart Ritter, CFP & Vice President
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
05/10/2012 Coming Soon What should you tell your children about money to help them develop good financial habits and at what age should you start? Stuart Ritter, CFP & Vice President, T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. will educate us so that we can educate our children.
Financial Planning for Recent College GradsStuart Ritter, CFP & Vice President
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
05/17/2012 Coming Soon You just graduated and hopefully have your first job. What are the first financial decisions you should make? From employee benefits to establishing your first budget to opening the right kinds of savings accounts, join Stuart Ritter, CFP & Vice President, T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and take notes.
New State Mandate for Teaching Financial LiteracyAllen Cox, Managing Director
Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy
05/31/2012 Coming Soon All schools in MD now are required to include the state standards on Personal Finance in their curricula. What does that standard look like and are schools happy about it? Allen Cox, Managing Director, Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy, answers these and other questions.