Climbing up the Walls

Climbing Up The WallsFridays 8-10PM

Hello. We’re Connor & Cristian. Or Cristian & Connor if you prefer. We don’t mind. We like music. We play rock, hip-hop, and electronic music on this show. Dancy stuff mostly. We like shoegaze too. Our conversations mostly delve into abstract philosophical discussion on the nature of being and Kanye West. Sometimes we rant about classes. It’s much more entertaining than it sounds. Really. Have a listen if you wanna be a cool cat and show the kids downstairs that you’re all that. We’ll be your fridge buzz. If you’re dancing, try to focus on the calves: That’s where the beats are.

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Sample Playlist:

Lotus Flower – Radiohead

Hollywood Freaks – Beck

Xtal – Aphex Twin

Brother Sport – Animal Collective

Drunk Girls – LCD Soundsystem

The Nightcaller – Flying Lotus

Sun – Caribou

When You Sleep – My Bloody Valentine

In Love With Useless – A Sunny Day in Glasgow​

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