Alumni Happy Hours

“There’s no way out of here, once you come in you’re in for good” – David Gilmour

Yes, you can graduate.  You can even leave Baltimore.  But don’t worry, we’ll always have a place for you in our hearts, and the studio.  Are you an alumnus of WVLC, WLCR or WLOY?  Join our alumni group on Facebook for alumni updates.  Come back for a WLOY event or a Loyola reunion and do a show.  But, in the meanwhile, we offer you a weekly opportunity to relive those glory days when all you had to do was make it to class once in awhile and spin records (or CDs) and have fun.  Yep, we give you a chance to forget that you’re all grown up and have a ‘real life’ now.  Come back and pretend you’re still in college, or teach the ‘kids today’ about your music.  Every Friday from 5-7pm, join our alumni in their flashbacks and spend 2 hours having a blast like in the ‘old days’.  You know you want to.

Are you interested in doing a show? Contact the station or our ‘volunteer’ alumni recruiter Ed Stanley Jr. to schedule your time. If your schedule doesn’t permit doing the show live, we can pre-record almost any time to make sure you can still be on the air!

You can even bring your kids! 081211 Alumni Show

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