April 1, 2024

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  • 12:00pm Long Time by CAKE on Showroom Of Compassion (Upbeat Records), 2011
  • 12:04pm Walls of Jericho by Animal Kingdom on Walls of Jericho (Warner Music UK), 2009
  • 12:07pm California Jackpot by The Blackmail Seduction on The Blackmail Seduction (The Rocks Recordworks), 2013
  • 12:11pm Get Away by CHVRCHES on Every Open Eye (Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC), 2016
  • 12:20pm I’m a Lady by Manu Sandhu on I’m a Lady (Kinetic Music Records), 2023
  • 12:24pm Little Pamplemousse by Tijuana Panthers on Carpet Denim (Innovative Leisure), 2019
  • 12:26pm Are We Alive by Augustines on This Is Your Life (Caroline International), 2016
  • 12:29pm Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) by New Politics on Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) (DCD2/Warner Bros.), 2014
  • 12:33pm Yoke by Indigo Girls on Indigo Girls Live With The University Of Colorado Symphony Orchestra (New Rounder), 2018
  • 12:38pm Do It by Radiant Baby on Do It (Lisbon Lux Records), 2018
  • 12:42pm Someday by Rick O’Neal (BMI) 25% on DEN020 – Delta Generators – Hard River to Row (BMG Production Music US (ASCAP) 25%, BMG Production Works (BMI) 75%), 2014
  • 12:45pm Circa 2015 by Nyles Davis on Circa 2015 (Nyles Davis), 2019
  • 12:45pm Long Time Gone by Selectracks on Indie Songs, Vol. 1 (Selectracks / BMG Production Music), Inva
  • 12:48pm A Day in a Life with the Blues by Guy King on Truth (Delmark), 2016
  • 12:54pm Young & Inexperienced by Nalani & Sarina on Young & Inexperienced (Telepathy Records), 2018
  • 12:57pm Do It All The Time by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME on Do It All The Time (Fearless Records), 2018
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