March 29, 2024

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  • 12:00pm Sober Motel by Dilly Dally on Sober Motel (PTKF), 2018
  • 12:04pm Eyes Wide Open by Gotye on Making Mirrors (Universal Music), 2011
  • 12:07pm Fame And Fortune by The Libertines on Rock Festival (UMG Recordings, Inc.), 2015
  • 12:10pm Body Bag (Tied to a Stone) by Futurist on Omens (Avalanche Artists), 2019
  • 12:14pm Glisten by Kills Birds on Married (Royal Mountain Records), 2021
  • 12:18pm Perfume by San Fermin on Belong (Downtown JV), 2017
  • 12:21pm American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem on American Slang (SideOneDummy Records), 2010
  • 12:25pm I See You by Clement Bazin on Everything Matters (Nowadays Records), 2018
  • 12:29pm I Still Wanna Know by RAC on I Still Wanna Know (Counter Records), 2017
  • 12:32pm Face It by Beach Fossils on What a Pleasure (Bayonet Records), 2010
  • 12:36pm Shapes Of Things – Original by The Yardbirds on Shape Of Things – The Very Best Of (Charly Records), 2006
  • 12:38pm Ultraviolet by The Menzingers on Some Of It Was True (Epitaph), 2023
  • 12:42pm Sour by Sleepy Zuhoski on Better Haze (Palo Santo Records), 2018
  • 12:45pm Long Time Gone by Selectracks on Indie Songs, Vol. 1 (Selectracks / BMG Production Music), Inva
  • 12:45pm I Keep You Honest by Natural Velvet on I Keep You Honest (Plastic Babylon Records), 2022
  • 12:49pm The Girl by City and Colour on Bring Me Your Love (Hassle Records), 2007
  • 12:56pm Let’s Roll by Soft Skulls on Soft Skulls (Soft Skulls), 2016
  • 12:59pm I Hate Myself by P.H.F. on I Hate Myself (Danger Collective), 2018
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