WLOY’s Top 50 Songs of 2010

December 14th, 2010 by Amanda Nolan

Here at WLOY, our music staff, along with the DJs, compiled a list of the 50 best songs of 2010. From Morning Benders to Broken Social Scene, Lissie to MGMT, 2010 has been a year of songs with catchy beats about seeing your ex driving around town with someone else, giving toasts to some unsavory characters and living in a suffocating suburban world. Each song on this list has made a splash in the tidal pool of the music industry this year. Check out our list after the jump to make your own Top 50 playlist and to see which song has made it into the incredibly coveted number one slot! 

# Artist Song iTunes Amazon
50 The National Terrible Love [amazon_link id=”B004D681Q2″ target=”_blank” ]Terrible Love[/amazon_link]
49 The Postelles White Night [amazon_link id=”B003A9T2JI” target=”_blank” ]White Night[/amazon_link]
48 Delta Spirit Golden State [amazon_link id=”B003NTN3BS” target=”_blank” ]Golden State[/amazon_link]
47 Yeasayer O.N.E. [amazon_link id=”B00367W04S” target=”_blank” ]O.N.E.[/amazon_link]
46 LCD Soundsytem Dance Yrself Clean [amazon_link id=”B003HY354O” target=”_blank” ]Dance Yrself Clean[/amazon_link]
45 Best Coast Crazy For You [amazon_link id=”B003OJBWGK” target=”_blank” ]Crazy for You[/amazon_link]
44 Rogue Wave Solitary Gun [amazon_link id=”B0033AX1ZU” target=”_blank” ]Permalight[/amazon_link]
43 The Dirty Projectors + Bjork When the World Comes to an End [amazon_link id=”B002BGJ91M” target=”_blank” ]Bitte Orca[/amazon_link]
42 The Morning Benders Excuses [amazon_link id=”B0039M7TAK” target=”_blank” ]Excuses[/amazon_link]
41 Broken Social Scene World Sick [amazon_link id=”B003FBR6R6″ target=”_blank” ]World Sick[/amazon_link]
40 Local Natives Who Knows Who Cares [amazon_link id=”B0035VFGXC” target=”_blank” ]Who Knows Who Cares[/amazon_link]
39 The Gorillaz Superfast Jellyfish [amazon_link id=”B003A9R10U” target=”_blank” ]Superfast Jellyfish (Feat. Gruff Rhys And De La Soul)[/amazon_link]
38 Lissie When I’m Alone [amazon_link id=”B003W5KPAU” target=”_blank” ]When I'm Alone[/amazon_link]
37 Wolf Parade Yulia [amazon_link id=”B003SA7SVI” target=”_blank” ]Yulia[/amazon_link]
36 Gaslight Anthem Stay Lucky [amazon_link id=”B003PWF7P8″ target=”_blank” ]Stay Lucky[/amazon_link]
35 Frightened Rabbit Swim Until You Can’t See Land [amazon_link id=”B002T3NSYQ” target=”_blank” ]Swim Until You Can't See Land[/amazon_link]
34 Tokyo Police Club Favourite Food [amazon_link id=”B003PBC8J2″ target=”_blank” ]Favourite Food[/amazon_link]
33 The Drums Let’s Go Surfing [amazon_link id=”B002SP95PQ” target=”_blank” ]Let's Go Surfing[/amazon_link]
32 Jenny and Johnny Scissor Runner [amazon_link id=”B0040JEF44″ target=”_blank” ]Scissor Runner[/amazon_link]
31 Sleigh Bells Crown on the Ground [amazon_link id=”B003P762O8″ target=”_blank” ]Crown On The Ground[/amazon_link]
30 Spoon Got Nuffin’ [amazon_link id=”B0033FRFIO” target=”_blank” ]Got Nuffin[/amazon_link]
29 Best Coast Boyfriend [amazon_link id=”B003VOUGYM” target=”_blank” ]Boyfriend[/amazon_link]
28 Broken Bells The Ghost Inside [amazon_link id=”B003E86MNY” target=”_blank” ]The Ghost Inside[/amazon_link]
27 Hot Chip One Life Stand [amazon_link id=”B002W6Z7C6″ target=”_blank” ]One Life Stand[/amazon_link]
26 Surfer Blood Take It Easy [amazon_link id=”B002Y6894C” target=”_blank” ]Take It Easy[/amazon_link]
25 LCD Soundsytem Drunk Girls [amazon_link id=”B003HY4USO” target=”_blank” ]Drunk Girls[/amazon_link]
24 Arcade Fire Sprawl II [amazon_link id=”B003X796NE” target=”_blank” ]Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)[/amazon_link]
23 Vampire Weekend Diplomat’s Son [amazon_link id=”B002YP45JG” target=”_blank” ]Diplomat's Son[/amazon_link]
22 Kanye West Monster [amazon_link id=”B004BSIKVI” target=”_blank” ]Monster [Explicit][/amazon_link]
21 MGMT Flash Delirium [amazon_link id=”B003BWFA40″ target=”_blank” ]Flash Delirium[/amazon_link]
20 Arcade Fire Ready to Start [amazon_link id=”B003X75SRC” target=”_blank” ]Ready To Start[/amazon_link]
19 The Drums Down by the Water [amazon_link id=”B003PJXJZQ” target=”_blank” ]Down By The Water[/amazon_link]
18 Wavves King of the Beach [amazon_link id=”B003V41LVY” target=”_blank” ]King Of The Beach[/amazon_link]
17 Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man [amazon_link id=”B0038BGUKC” target=”_blank” ]Little Lion Man[/amazon_link]
16 Kanye West Runaway [amazon_link id=”B004BSMB9U” target=”_blank” ]Runaway [Explicit][/amazon_link]
15 Sufjan Stevens The Owl & The Tanager [amazon_link id=”B00406AHWQ” target=”_blank” ]The Owl And The Tanager[/amazon_link]
14 Spoon Who Makes Your Money [amazon_link id=”B0033FNYXE” target=”_blank” ]Who Makes Your Money[/amazon_link]
13 Deerhunter Helicopter [amazon_link id=”B0043XQ2BQ” target=”_blank” ]Helicopter[/amazon_link]
12 Vampire Weekend White Sky [amazon_link id=”B002YOYCPE” target=”_blank” ]White Sky[/amazon_link]
11 LCD Soundsytem I Can Change [amazon_link id=”B003HXXRHK” target=”_blank” ]I Can Change[/amazon_link]
10 The Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes [amazon_link id=”B003A9OVVM” target=”_blank” ]Rhinestone Eyes[/amazon_link]
9 The Walkmen Angela Surf City [amazon_link id=”B003YYDUOC” target=”_blank” ]Angela Surf City [Explicit][/amazon_link]
8 Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Vocal Chords [amazon_link id=”B003TGSF2M” target=”_blank” ]Vocal Chords[/amazon_link]
7 Beach House Zebra [amazon_link id=”B0034E7JL2″ target=”_blank” ]Zebra[/amazon_link]
6 Cee-Lo Green F*** You [amazon_link id=”B00492EOAW” target=”_blank” ]Fuck You [Explicit][/amazon_link]
5 Titus Andronicus A More Perfect Union [amazon_link id=”B00384ODA8″ target=”_blank” ]A More Perfect Union[/amazon_link]
4 Yeasayer Ambling Alp [amazon_link id=”B002U1FJSK” target=”_blank” ]Ambling Alp[/amazon_link]
3 Vampire Weekend I Think Ur a Contra [amazon_link id=”B002YP45EQ” target=”_blank” ]Contra[/amazon_link]
2 The National Bloodbuzz Ohio [amazon_link id=”B003KVTAE8″ target=”_blank” ]Bloodbuzz Ohio[/amazon_link]
1 Arcade Fire The Suburbs [amazon_link id=”B003X73QA8″ target=”_blank” ]The Suburbs[/amazon_link]

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