WLOY goes to Louisville Part 3

October 30th, 2010 by Anthony Santiago

In the third day of the very long and very informative business trip, it can be said that WLOY has really learned so much. Beginning with a 9:00 AM session, the whole crew: Tim, Billy, Christa, and Amanda (excluding Anthony who had a very long and strenuous night dealing with multiple “Business Clients”) went throughout the various conference rooms of the humongous Galt Hotel (which has its fair share of interesting room names such as Spiegel, Sampson, Coe and the like as if we were transferred into the mystical land of Narnia), learning different aspects of the radio world.

Once Anthony could join the group and get some wonderful breakfast, everyone continued learning about the other radio stations. The Professor finally ditched his friends and started conducting some “business meetings” as well. So now the whole gang is going on an adventure to get some food and finally check our messages with our secretaries. We also found that the most entertaining part of the hotel was standing outside the elevator and people watching for who was going out for Halloween and what they were wearing! It definitely has been a successful trip and, as they say in Louisville – actually scratch that, I don’t really know what they say in Louisville, so trust us when we say it was an awesome experience.

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