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psaSaturdays 8-9pm

I’m a junior, double English/History major from Pennsylvania. My show is going to feature predominantly, independent, artists who have been well received by the musical community and are not usually big chart topping acts. The talking segments are going to be admittedly a little bizarre and I’m not really going to talk about the music. The segments are going to feature (among other things) things like The Man Who Stands Behind Me (a running narrative that involves me conversing with a man who is allegedly standing behind me I know it sounds very weird but I think it could be very funny), Advertisements for made up, absurdist products (nothing obscene naturally), news from around Loyola (that are just made up stories) and something called Mademoiselle Psychosis during which I read a poem (which I did not write) that is in a stream of consciousness style and has lines that would be found in the lyrics to a song by The National.
Sample Playlist:
Born to Die- Lana Del Rey
Open- Rhye
Childhood’s End- Majical Cloudz
Miasma Sky- Baths
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards- Tame Impala
Cheerleader- St. Vincent
Two Small Deaths- Wye Oak
The Bravest Man in the Universe-Bobby Womack
House of Metal-Chelsea Wolfe
Transgender- Crystal Castles
White Noise- Exitmusic
Vertigo- Deafheaven
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