RadioEdu Week 04

October 18th, 2013 by Jonathan Prozzi

Concepts: Introduction to Effects, Project Planning, Homework Help Newscast

This week we learned about effects and how engineers and producers use them to enhance their production. We began with an introduction to Reverb and a discussion about natural echo and room size. As an experiment I had the students list times when they were in different size rooms and to describe the sound. We determined that the sound in the school auditorium would be different than the sound in a bathroom, and this was the perfect transition into talking about Reverb.

As RadioEdu is project-based, I had the students load a guitar and vocal sample onto an empty audio track and then add Reverb to the effects rack. The students learned about wet and dry mixes, and this drew an analogy to cooking. Once confident with the ‘flavor’ of Reverb, the students brainstormed a project to demonstrate its use.

Proof of Concept:

The students created a story about a caveman where the dialogue would have Reverb on it, as the lines were spoken inside a cave. They determined that they didn’t want the Reverb on the narrator’s voice, but only the dialogue. This was an example of Project Planning in action, as the students were thinking about how to integrate effects into their productions, but also noticed that they would need to determine a method to isolate the parts that they wanted impacted.

Evolving from their interview practice in the previous weeks, the students developed and recorded an introductory ‘homework help’ show where they would create weekly segments detailing math questions and strategies of the week, as well as study tips, vocab words, etc.

(TBA Caveman Story Pre-Edit)

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Food Fridays: The Lunch Box

October 18th, 2013 by Rachel

lunchboxWhat: No frill, delicious Breakfast and Lunch 

Where: 1102 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

When: Monday through Saturday 6:30am-4pm, Sunday 7am-2pm, Closed Tuesday

The Lunch Box, where breakfast us served all day and the service is superb. Looking for delicious french toast at 1 in the afternoon? Then head to the Lunch Box. Looking for an overstuffed sandwich, then head to the Lunch Box. Located in Hampden, the Lunch Box offers great food, variety and great prices. They don’t have a website of their own, but they are on urban spoon, where a full menu is listed and raving reviews.

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Review: Melophobia – Cage the Elephant

October 17th, 2013 by Billy Dries

MelophobiaCage The Elephant


Letter Grade: B


Melding together the upbeat songwriting that made their first two albums so successful, with a distinctly more lo-fi sound, the third release from Bowling Green Alt-rockers, Cage the Elephant, continues to drive more traditional Rock N Roll into the mainstream.  Melophobia, the follow up to 2011’s wildly successful Thank You, Happy Birthday, starts off with two fast paced jams before slowing down in the third track, Telescope, a slow moving, somewhat sad, surf guitar fueled little ditty that is stuck somewhere in between The Beach Boys and Mac Demarco. Read the rest of this entry »

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Theatre Thursday: Death and the Maiden

October 17th, 2013 by Rachel

spotlighters-theatre-logoWhat: The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre Presents: Death and the Maiden

When: October 18th through November 11th

Where: 817 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD

Death and the Maiden is the gripping tale with only three characters and an ending that will chill your blood. Filled with plot twists and horrifying details, Death and the Maiden tells the story of a husband and wife and a stranger, who happens to be a doctor. The wife, Paulina, was kidnapped many years ago by a doctor and was brutally tortured while being held captive. One day, when someone with the same voice as her capture appears at her door, the story unfolds and the audience is forced to answer questions no one often thinks about, while trying to solve the mystery of who the man at the door really is. It is a play that isn’t to be missed and tickets are available online.

Tickets start at $20, and are available at a reduced rate for students. Check out their website for all the info.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

October 16th, 2013 by Joe Lomuti

ST3391~Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-PostersYes, Yes, it is that time of year again. The season when all ghouls and ghosts are summoned to the land of the living to spread the fright and chill the bones of all the little girls and boys. Now although the air is dense with creepy crispness, this does not mean you shall hide away, for this is where the ghouls are bound to find you! But do not fear dear child, there is a way to fend off the nightmarish creatures. To combat them you must dance! And WLOY is here to assist you, as we will provide a haven to boogie off the cobwebs by presenting Rocky Horror Picture show! Meet us in McGuire Hall, October 24 at 10:30PM. Come dressed as your favorite Rocky Horror character, for the best could receive sweet treats to satiate your craving of Baltimore entertainment.

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Review: Glow and Behold – Yuck

October 16th, 2013 by Billy Dries


Glow and Behold

Letter Grade: C+


Reviewed By: Margaret Jokoh

On September 30, 2013, Yuck released their album, “Glow and Behold.” Contrary to their name, Yuck, is a band who makes great music. The indie sound is brighten up with the influence of trumpets and the use of distortion pedals. “Glow and Behold” is smooth and very clean all the way through. Songs like, “Lose my Breath” definitely “glow” more brightly on the album than some of the other songs on the album. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 20 Tracks Week of 10.13.13

October 16th, 2013 by Billy Dries


1. “Reflektor”- Arcade Fire

2. “Don’t Save Me”- Haim

3. “Recover”-Chvrches

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Review: Volcano Choir – Repave

October 16th, 2013 by Billy Dries

VC.SP_DP_Gate_Cover_rev [Converted]Volcano Choir


Grade: A

The organ drone that kicks off Repave, the sophomore album from Eau Claire based band Volcano Choir, immediately captures the listener and sets them on this epic journey of an album. Justin Vernon and friends have been hard at work since Bon Iver hung up their instruments at the end of 2012. Vernon already released one album with his band The Shouting Matches this year, and while that was a foot stomping and jug blowing good time, Repave and Volcano Choir pick up where Bon Iver left off. Just as the lead single, “Byegone”, had alluded to over the summer, each song grows in complexity from beginning to end, resulting in an album of rich folk anthems. Read the rest of this entry »

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Word on the Street Art Auction

October 16th, 2013 by Kathryn O'Brien

Auction-PosterArt enthusiasts all over Baltimore flocked to the Dave Herman Art Studio/Gallery last Saturday for the Word on the Street Art Auction. Word on the Street, a Baltimore newspaper that is managed by those who are either currently experiencing or have experienced homelessness, has been auctioning off art as a means of fundraising for two years now. This most recent auction was a rousing success. The auction took place at the Dave Herman Art Studio/Gallery on 1601 Guilford Avenue in downtown Baltimore. The studio is the home and work place of Dave Herman who was generous enough to donate his time and space to Word on the Street.

The auction began in the evening and went late into the early hours of the morning. Guests perused the many pieces of art with free Maryland wine, Brewers Art and Peabody Brewing Co beers and Joe Squared pizza in hand. The artwork ranged from photographs to sculptures to jewelry. Two pieces that stood out were the fully functional cigar box guitar and stainless steel wine rack which included three bottles of top -of -the- line local wine. There was a lot of excitement about the art submitted by those experiencing homelessness and the art by children, especially Cy and his “The Future of Awsome.” Bowls fashioned out of old, scratched up vinyl records also stood out from the crowd and sold like hot cakes. As the bidding began, guests were serenaded by local artists Claire Anthony and Caleb Stine. These two local artists were accompanied by the talented, Tennessee based band, Humming House. In fact, later on in the night, Caleb Stine performed Amazing Grace using the cigar box guitar that was being auctioned.

Both Towson University and Loyola University have been invested in this program, with WLOY Loyola Radio as the co-founder of the project back in Spring of 2012. The event was very successful and will keep the influencial and important paper, Word on the Street, in working order this year.

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Wacky Wednesdays: Cronuts come to Baltimore

October 16th, 2013 by Rachel

cronutWhere: Regi’s American Bistro

1002 Light Street, Baltimore, 21230

When: Monday -Thursday 11am-10am, Friday – Saturday 10am- 11pm, Sunday 9:30am-10pm

Crossaints + Donuts = CRONUTS. This magical combination of flavors began in New York City and has made it’s way down to our city and we are very excited about it. Regi’s stated on Facebook that “We’ve got CRONUTS. A homemade croissant donut stuffed with fresh strawberry & vanilla pudding. WHOA!” If you have a sweet tooth and love donuts and/or croissants, then you should try a cronut. Head down to Regi’s and get yours!

Visit Regi’s website for a full menu and daily specials that you can have in addition to your scrumptious cronut.

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