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April 27th, 2011 by Kate Marshall

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7 Minute Sports: US Lacrosse Museum and Hall of Fame

April 27th, 2011 by Anthony Santiago

Here at WLOY, the Sports Witch Doctor has another brief yet exciting clip for all you Loyola Sports fans. WLOY was able to get an exclusive interview with the Staff Archivist at the US Lacrosse Museum and Hall of Fame. It was an intriguing and quite an educational experience.

One special item I wished to highlight was the connection Baltimore has with lacrosse. Everyone in Baltimore knows the that it is the capital of lacrosse, but we here at WLOY needed to know why. Read the rest of this entry »

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LAST Late Night Concert of the Year!

April 27th, 2011 by Amanda Nolan

It’s our last Late Night Concert of the academic year, and this Thursday we are going to feature Battle of the Band winners The Dialogue as well as another Baltimore-based blues rock band, The Gentlemen! As always, we’ll have tickets to concerts at Rams Head Live! so make sure to stop by McGuire Hall at 9PM to increase your chances of winning! If you haven’t made it to one of our events yet this year, now’s your last chance!

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Raveonettes Interview

April 27th, 2011 by Ryan Nisley

Before Easter break I made a trip down to The Black Cat in D.C. for a date with my favorite band, The Raveonettes.  As you can imagine, meeting your favorite band is a pretty exciting event, so containing my enthusiasm was quite difficult. They have been my favorite band for the last five years, so this was a big deal for me.  For those who aren’t familiar with the group, The Raveonettes are natives of Denmark and have developed a unique indie rock sound with surf rock vibes. The core of the band consists of Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner.  My plan was to meet with Sharin, the lead female member of the group, and chat with her before the show.  Upon meeting her we walked to a nearby dressing room for better lighting and she offered to get Sune to join us! Long story short I was able to talk to both Sharin and Sune for about fifteen minutes.  The conversation entails the current tour, their new album Raven in the Grave, and the progression of their sound. Check out the mp3 below to listen to listen to the entire interview!

This was my fourth time seeing the Raveonettes live and I must say that it was definitely the best yet.  Each show offers a new experience with different backing musicians and light displays.  In the past I have seen them as a three piece band with Sune and Sharin on guitar with a drummer and an accompanying bass track. Most recently the group consisted of Sune on guitar, Sharin on bass, and two male drummers who played a tom, snare and synthetic drum pad.  I found the drum arrangement particularly interesting because the two drummers played identical sets and beats, which enhanced the visual and aural experience.  The overall sound of their new album translated from contemplative to more electronic and dancy, while maintaining that ghostly Raveonettes’ reverb.  One of my favorite songs of the night was “My Times Up” from the new album.  It started off slow and sad, but then turned into what felt like an anthem of the final song of the night. Thank goodness it didn’t end there, but overall it was an excellent show. If you have never seen the Raveonettes, I obviously highly recommend them not only because they are my favorite band, but because their live show is truly a memorable spectacle.  RAVE ON!

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Both Feet In Live Show!

April 26th, 2011 by The Professor

Both Feet In


Baltimore’s own Thomas Hicks has been the Executive Director for Helping Other People through Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) and Ethel Élan Safe Haven 2 Transitional Shelter, for the homeless mentally ill population since 2003 and 2009.

Hear his story LIVE, on the Both Feet In show, this Wednesday at 12noon with host Sylvia Park, and learn how he came to fulfill his life’s purpose – Helping Other People through Empowerment.

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Classic Crack Attack: Crack the Sky Live

April 25th, 2011 by The Professor

Crack The Sky packs in its fans for a score of musical memories

- by Radio RockonTour host Timothy Tilghman
Crack The Sky achieved eternal Rock `N Roll glory within generations of Baltimorian hearts. Originating as a garage band from neighboring West Virginia, CTS found a permanent home playing venues in Maryland. The fact that John Palumbo and company are willing to continue to schedule scattered dates throughout any given calendar year is a testament to their desire to appear live before their loyal legions of fans.

CTS have recorded several outstanding albums during the course of their early career even if the majority of the baby boomer record buying public that should have been buying their masterpieces did not. This unfortunate oversight does not in any way negate their catalog of classic rock songs that diehard CTS fans enjoy so deeply to experience live on stage.

Once again the sultry siren of Baltimore’s rock radio airwaves, Sarah Fleischer, was on hand April 23, 2011, to introduce Crack The Sky. The never ready for prime time musicians ignited their extended set with the title tune “White Music” off their quintessential 1980 opus. The classic Crack tracks just kept on piling up one after another.

The best addition of the long evening was welcoming the Crack Pack Horns on stage to embellish and empower the classic Crack The Sky sound. The horn section comprised Barry Caudill on saxophone, Dave Makowieki on trumpet, and Jim McFalls on trombone. The horns add a new dimension to the music altogether.

The CTS anthem “Surf City” was punctuated with five Beatles segues. These Fab interludes were well received by the Charm City revelers. CTS’s musical mutation on Pink Floyd, “Hot Razors In My Heart”, was the perfect closer. Palumbo’s affection for John Lennon was reaffirmed by a double dose of Beatles psychedelia as back to back CTS’s encores. “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “I Am The Walrus” are perennial stage faves.

Although Crack The Sky was hyped for its debut in Baltimore at Rams Head Live, the gig itself did not reach sell out status for a Saturday night. The capacity crowd certainly created an unavoidable obstructed view of the band on stage. It was a surprise to discover that there is a dull zone where the projected sound suffers directly dead center on the second level. This was not a reflection of the band or the tech mixing the sound.

Guitarist John Palumbo is the exalted leader of Crack The Sky. Founding lead guitarist Rick Witkowski is as animated as ever tearing up his axe with the intensity of a tornado. Original drummer Joe Macre continues to anchor the band behind his drumkit. Bobby Hird is no slouch on the guitar neck himself often trading or dueling guitar leads & licks with Witkowski.

Glenn Workman is their talented keyboardist. Dave DeMarco is now handling the bass guitar for live appearances. Overall, Crack The Sky have recorded 15 studio albums. Their recent efforts Dogs From Japan 2004, The Sale 2007, and Machine 2010, confirm Palumbo continues to be a prolific composer. Maryland musicians should be encouraged launch a Music Hall of Fame in Maryland to induct Crack The Sky. It’s a long overdue accolade that they certainly deserve.

Crack The Sky, Rams Head Live, Baltimore, April 23, 2011 setlist: White MusicHold OnNuclear ApathyFrom The Greenhouse * Go * Zoom * Sea EpicWet TeenagerMaybe I Can Fool EverybodyI Don't Have A TieHere It Comes AgainIceLighten Up McGrawSkin DeepFlashlightMind BabyShe's A DancerSurf CityLucy In The Sky With DiamondsA Hard Day's NightLady Madonna > The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (Skin Deep) > I Want You (She's So Heavy)Surf CityHot Razors In My Heart * Encore: Strawberry Fields Forever * I Am The Walrus

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It’s The Easter Bunny’s Birthday!

April 24th, 2011 by Amanda Nolan

It’s that time of the year again: the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting nicer, teachers are getting frustrated by a lack of attendance in their classrooms, and the Easter Bunny is storming into town. Bringing chocolates, animal-shaped marshmallows, various pastels, and overall joy, this particular bunny has a celebration of its life coincidentally the same day as Jesus does. WLOY wishes everyone a very Happy Easter!

Join Nick Centanni for an ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ on WLOY this Easter Sunday! Nick will have mellow songs from 11AM to Noon. Then he will be back from 2-4PM with the high octane Moldie Oldies featuring Easter jokes, facts, and a few surprises! So if you lose that Easter egg hunt yet again, listening to WLOY will make you a winner.

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Food Friday: Woodberry Kitchen

April 22nd, 2011 by Amanda Nolan

In a society filled with numerous fast food options, suspect taco meat, and preservative overload, it would be nice to have some fresh, organic options. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to achieve organic bliss. Situated on the edge of Hampden is Woodberry Kitchen, a restaurant that prides itself on featuring the best from local farmers and placing emphasis on organic meat and sustainable agriculture. Woodberry’s goal is outlined on their website, as the decidedly made it their priority to “nourish and delight our guests with cooking grounded in the traditions and ingredients of the Chesapeake region.”

Named one of the Top 10 Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit, Woodberry Kitchen has a wide menu with some interesting options, including Oysters on the Half Shell, Roasted Mushroom Flatbread, and Braised Liberty Delight Beef Brisket. Read the rest of this entry »

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Theater Thursday: Vagabond Players

April 21st, 2011 by mjwilliams2

Baltimore’s own Vagabond Players recently announced their upcoming production of John Guare’s mind-blowing play “Six Degrees of Separation.” The play opened last week on the 15th, but will be running for the rest of the month and up to May 15th. Guare’s “Six Degrees of Separation” is a personal favorite of mine, and explores the relationship between chaos and control deep within the human heart. The play is set in the crime-ridden streets of the Reaganomic New York City, and provocatively challenges the barriers of race, class, and that which is considered socially acceptable. This one is an absolute must see. Read the rest of this entry »

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7 Minute Sports: Charley Toomey

April 20th, 2011 by Anthony Santiago

Here at WLOY, we were able to get an exclusive interview with Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Charley Toomey.

This 7 minute piece covers recruitment, the season outlook and even a little bio from the Coach himself.

Follow Loyola Sports at or follow us here with sports at Also, listen to Couch Potato Radio on Mondays and Fridays from 2-3PM!
Have any questions or want a specific sports topic highlighted? Email or call 410.617.5313.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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