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July 12th, 2020 by The Professor

I Never Knew Radio’s host Junior (Linton Hinds ’06) has done an incredible array of interviews with an equally incredible number of artists and members of the culture Reggae community. He reaches out to discuss history, culture and music with some famous artists and some soon-to-be-famous ones as well. Listen to their weekly reasonings on many aspects of Reggae in every show Sunday 9-11am and, in case you miss them, check out the roster of past interviews all conveniently collected here for you. Listen and learn the message is in the music and the music is in the message every week on I Never Knew Radio.

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Retro Rocking Roadshow – This Week: The 60’s

July 10th, 2020 by The Professor

This Weeks Theme: The 1960’s

Featured Artists: Frank Sinatra, The Duprees, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Van Morrison

Every week Retro Eddie puts together a uniquely themed show for Friday night 7-9pm. He is not immune to having fun with the themes, or digging deep for tunes back to the beginning of recorded music. Did you tune into to the the Retro Rockin Roadshow last Friday? If you did we hope you enjoyed the theme of “Baltimore” featuring tracks from Prince to Bing Crosby. If you missed it you can always check out the playlists from past shows on the show page!

Do you Have suggestion or recommendation for Eddie’s show? Would you like to request a song or a specific theme? Please email your request to wloy@loyola.edu you can also DM your request through our vast array of social media.

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Quarantine Takeover Show – 7th Order

July 3rd, 2020 by The Professor

This week’s Quarantine Takeover show comes from overseas again! This time from the magical land of Hawai’i! We welcome Daniel Jones of the band 7th Order recording his show on the side of Kilahuea in the town of Volcano. The show is a tribute to late guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, who played with the pantheon of great rockers in the 60s and 70s.

Their first recording sessions took place in December 2001 but 7th Order’s roots are much deeper. The band has, at various times, been joined by veteran British guitarist Martin Pugh (formally of the 60’s British band, Steamhammer, as well as Armageddon with The Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf, and “The Rod Stewart Album” with Ron Wood & Keith Emerson), drummer Tim Kelliher (of Randy Hansen’s Machine Gun), and legendary American rock guitarist Geoff Thorpe (of Vicious Rumors). Reminiscent of blues-rock bands like The Rolling Stones & The Yardbirds, with progressive undertones ala Led Zeppelin, there’s something in there for all of you. Their most recent release (June 2020) is a track titled “Voyager”, a tribute to the late American guitarist, Ronnie Montrose – and is a benefit for the incredible Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

7th Order’s magical links on social media

Spoiler Alert – Click to see the playlist Read the rest of this entry »

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Dead Air Radio Returns

June 28th, 2020 by The Professor

Announcing the return of the Dead Air Radio Show with a special Quarantine Edition tonight at midnight! Join DJ and artist Terence Hannum (of the amazing Holy Circle band BTW) as he explores the depth and breadth of the horror movie soundtrack.

No, this isn’t a bunch of clinking chains and screams, it’s so much more. You never know what famous bands have contributed or how ambient things can be until you listen to these shows. From John Carpenter, (Baltimore-born)Philip Glass and Goblin to local greats Sweet Leda, you never know who’s behind that sound. Check out Dead Air at midnight tonight and every Sunday for the next 6 weeks (or more…)!

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Quarantine Takeover Show – Patrick Jaouen Band

June 21st, 2020 by The Professor

This week’s Quarantine Takeover show is another cross-border special featuring The Patrick Jaouen Band based out of Rochester, NY. They mixed their show with Susan and Matt calling in remotely. Matt is stuck in Toronto so that makes this our second international edition. Led by singer and guitar player Patrick Jaouen, Jeffrey Carr on Bass, Garegin Grigoryan on keyboards, Susan Gemmett on background vocals and Mathieu Wong on drums, they take us on an exploration of their influences and favorite tracks plus some new music as the band just dropped their new album Masque.


Spoiler Alert – click for the playlist Read the rest of this entry »

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Vinylthon 2020 – Side 2

June 19th, 2020 by The Professor

It’s VINYLTHON 2020! Originally scheduled for April 18, but rescheduled (along with Record Store Day) to June 20 but WE DON’T CARE! We are doing TWO days of Vinylthon instead of one. It’s just how we roll… Tune in all day Saturday June 20 for shows that are 100% spun from vinyl starting at 1am and running through midnight! You’ll hear current DJ shows as well as alumni shows in one and two hour formats. WLOY has received a golden slipmat every year for doing at least 12 hours of all vinyl and this year even though we’re not making the usual full 24 we’re still running 18 hours of all vinyl shows! Stupid COVID-19 is keeping the studios closed but we have remote shows being sent in and we’re spinning vinyl wherever we can!

What is Vinylthon you ask? Read the press release below and find out more: Read the rest of this entry »

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Quarantine Takeover Show – Surf Harp

June 16th, 2020 by The Professor

photo: Micah E. Wood

This week we feature our first International Quarantine Takeover show! Local artists Surf Harp are currently globally divided with Jeff still in Japan but they made it work. With some magical technology, you can hear them all together although Jeff Koplovitz is in Japan, and Phil Bolton and Chris Sweeney are in Baltimore. Surf Harp is a great local band that also has some roots in WLOY (it’s possible some of them were DJs…) and a band that won Battle of the Bands under a slightly different lineup and sound.

What is Surf Harp? Art rock. Kraut pop. Smooth vibes. 5 piece Baltimore band with latest full length, “MR. BIG PICTURE”, out now on Friends Records. Currently operating in Baltimore and Osaka in preparation for LP3. Featured on Bandcamp Daily, Medium, Tiny Mix Tapes, etc.

Spoiler alert click to see the playlist Read the rest of this entry »

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Quarantine Takeover Show – Bray

June 8th, 2020 by The Professor

This week’s Quarantine Takeover Show comes from California! Listen in as Bray spins a mix of his favorites and influences leading into his own tracks. Bray is a singer, songwriter and performer with a unique spin on alt pop rock. Catchy Bowie-esque hooks and driving Foo/Arctic guitar grooves, topped with quirky sardonic lyrics. The touring trio, Bray and the Dens, have toured in 10 countries, had songs placed in 11 national TV shows, and have music videos with more than 4 million views.

Check out the new album Stingray which just dropped!


Spoiler alert: hit the more to see the show playlist: Read the rest of this entry »

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June 2nd, 2020 by The Professor

#blackouttuesday Read the rest of this entry »

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Keznamdi Interview – INK

May 30th, 2020 by The Professor

This week on I Never Knew Radio our host Junior sits down for a reasoning interview with the talented Keznamdi.

Coming from an incredibly gifted family, Keznamdi is the son to Dr. Kerida ‘Goldilocks’ McDonald a Rastafari Harvard graduate and reggae artist who has worked with UNICEF for over 20 years. Keznamdi is also the brother of reggae singer Kelissa, Miss Jamaica finalist Kamila, naturopathic doctor Kamani, and UN International school graduate Kadiya.

In this interview Keznamdi speaks about growing up in musical and intellectual household, leaving college to pursue music, and creating his new album ‘Bloodline’

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