Battle of the Bands TONIGHT!

April 19th, 2022 by The Professor

See everyone in McGuire Hall tonight 8-10pm for Battle of the Bands! We have 3 great student bands competing: Folding chairS, Panic at the Fine Arts Department and Crown Me King! And, as always we have a selection of industry folks as judges because it wouldn’t be fair if we judged it! What kind of folks are judging you ask? We are glad you did because we’ll tell you it’s all about getting pros who can help the bands grow. So here are the 2022 Battle of the Bands judges:

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Explore Baltimore! E2-E4 Records

March 30th, 2022 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Record Store 

When: Every Saturday, 12-6 pm 

Where: 2223 Maryland Ave #1S, Baltimore, MD 21218 

Reviewed By: Amelia Dunat

This electronic & dance music record store has carefully curated collections, specializing in new and used house music, Baltimore club, ambient, synth-wave/darkwave, industrial/EBM, 80’s r&b, and so much more like rare and classic hip hop. This store is very small and more so like a boutique, but this makes it unique. If you’re looking for very specific dance music, I would check this place out first. The store also sells ceramics, books, t-shirts & more fun knick-knacks.  

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WLOY Sweatshirts Are Back!

March 28th, 2022 by The Professor

One of our most popular sweatshirts has returned to stock! This time a nice Champion Eco 50/50 Cotton/Poly sweatshirt in the usual green and grey. Soft inside and tough on the outside. Great for all around wear or cozy sleeping.

We know our alumni love these so we’re making it easy to order them on the website. Pick your unisex size and order through our Paypal button for quick shipping ($5). If you want to pick up at the station just shoot us a note. If you decide to pick up at the station we’ll throw in a free t-shirt and some stickers when you get here! 🙂


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Classic WLOY Promo Video Unearthed!

March 28th, 2022 by The Professor

Once upon a time Phil had an idea to make a video… And that video quickly got silly. We had it posted on YouTube but it was taken down because of the music bed. We thought it was lost but years of scouring bins of old hard drives has finally brought it back in all its glory. Revel in our music staff learning about vinyl, the sales team making stacks, Brandon’s secret love of Rick Astley and our amazing 2003 Ford Aerostar! Read the rest of this entry »

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Hounds Supporting Hounds! Loyola Entrepreneurs Q&A

March 18th, 2022 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Entrepreneurs of Loyola Online Boutique Pop-Up Shop

When: Friday March 18, 1-5 pm

Where: 4502 Seton Court, Women’s Center (Next to Student Health Center)

Reviewed by: Ronnie Gruseck

This afternoon from 1-3 pm the Women’s Center is hosting a pop-up shop for womxn-owned business owners, showacasing Agui Swim, Bubble Castle, Enhanced by Eniola, Lucky Stars, Woven Wildflower, Live a Little Clo., Jesenia’s Sweets, and more! Keep on reading for interviews with some of these phenomenal founders and their thought process in starting

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College Radio Unites For Ukraine

March 14th, 2022 by The Professor

College radio stations around the world united to send messages of hope and support to the college radio stations in the Ukraine. More than 50 stations recorded and sent messages and WLOY was proud to join in. We were all even more excited to hear the students in college radio throughout the Ukraine respond with messages of their own. Scroll down to hear the entire compiled group of messages, see the full list of contributing stations and order a t-shirt to show your support and help raise funds for those stations literally under fire in the Ukraine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Explore Baltimore! The Book Thing

March 12th, 2022 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Free books 

Where: 3001 Vineyard Lane, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218 

When: 9 am- 5pm, Saturday and Sunday

Reviewed By: Amelia Dunat

The Book Thing warehouse is a book lover’s dream. All of the books in this vibrant volunteer-run used book “store” are free! Yes, you heard correctly; almost any type of book you could possibly want is available here for free. Although open just once a month, this place is wonderful and an asset to the Baltimore community. If you have the time to spare to sift through hundreds of books (paperbacks and hardcovers), you are certain to come across many hidden treasures. There are even textbooks and magazines! Although not necessary, it’s encouraged for visitors to bring some of their own books to donate; even if it’s just one or two.  

My favorite about this place is that you will never know what you will find. New selections are added each week. The titles are organized by genre, and most of the books are in good condition. You can also contact them via their website if you’re interested in being a volunteer. Be sure to check out Book Thing as you surely won’t be leaving empty-handed, and keep in mind that parking can be a challenge as it tends to be filled quickly, so try to time your visit well! 

WLOY has been a supporter of The Book Thing for a long time. After their terrible fire in 2016, we helped organize and run a fundraising concert, donations and raffles ultimately bringing in over $10,000 to support their rebuilding.

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Quarantine Takeover – Jose Fritz

March 7th, 2022 by The Professor

Join us Tuesday/Thursday this week at 7pm as we bring in another guest DJ with a wild collection of vinyl… Jose Fritz is the author of The Good Wives’ Guide to Home Poisoning, and the radio play The Good Man. In addition to his work in radio and his studio recordings, his fiction has appeared in Chaunticleer, Triple S, The Port, Workaholic, and Experimental Behavior (ExBe) among other publications. Prior to 2009 he was a music columnist for The Stage Newspaper, Stranded in Stereo and Soundwaves magazine. In 2007 he wrote the liner notes to the fringe art project, the M.M.B.T.V.S. video compilation. He has been most recently been interviewed by (2009), Discuts magazine (2011), WOOM radio in 2020. He currently writes for Slingshot and blogs at

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Explore Baltimore! Namaste

March 3rd, 2022 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Indian Restaurant 

Where: 413 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore, MD 21210 

When: Sunday-Thursday, 11:30 am- 11 pm, Friday and Saturday – 11:30 am to 12 am 

Reviewed By: Amelia Dunat

Binod and Shrijana, the owners of the local restaurant Namaste, vow to provide all their customers with the best Indian food experience in Baltimore. Their meticulously crafted menu will draw you in immediately, and you will find something you’re eager to try. They even have a full-service bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Happy Hour is 3:30pm to 5:30 pm. Their menu offers dozens of authentic Indian/Nepali dishes, and there is something for everyone (even many vegetarian options like lentils and paneer!) Appetizers include soups, salads, and an assortment of veggies, and the main courses are centered around lamb, chicken, and seafood. All the dishes are grilled in their traditional Indian clay “tandoor” oven and then doused in flavorful curries prepared with only the freshest ingredients and traditional Indian herbs and spices. 

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Explore Baltimore! El Suprimo Records

March 2nd, 2022 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Record Shop 

Where: 1709 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231 

When: Monday-Friday, 1pm-7pm 

Reviewed by: Amelia Dunat

Come visit El Suprimo Records today! Although on the smaller side, this old school style record shop is crammed with used records among other things: LP’s, 45’s & 78’s, cassettes, 8-tracks, DVD, VHS, CD’s, books, vintage stereo equipment, all kinds of turntables, instruments, memorabilia, and pop-culture Kitsch. I noticed there was a lot of jazz, funk, soul, and 60s/70s rock compared to other genres. However, whatever you’re looking for you will probably find. Most of the records are used but they’re still in good condition and I have even found original pressings here. In addition, the prices of the records are generously marked down if they have any imperfections, so you are getting your money’s worth. Read the rest of this entry »

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