Climbadonkey Interview

May 22nd, 2013 by The Professor

20120817140452-climbadonkey_smallWhat if you recorded an album, and then never released it? What if 30 years later, someone handed you the master tapes and said, “this is good, you should do something with it.”? Well, Climbadonkey went from on the rise, to broken up back in the 1970s in Baltimore, leaving behind a full album recording that was never released. The guys in the band went on to form a lot of other good bands including the Ravyns and Crack the Sky, to name a few. Now, here they are, with a finished album from the good old days and a plan to reunite and tour behind it. On March 19, 2013, they sat down with Tim Tilghman of our Radio RockonTour show for an hour or so of reminiscing, joking, music and looking ahead to the new band touring. It’s a long one so we broke it into two sections for you. Enjoy!

Climbadonkey at WLOY Part One

Download Part One

Climbadonkey at WLOY Part Two

Download Part Two

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