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Monday, September 15th, 2014 by Courtney K

If you enjoy WLOY, make sure to connect with us on all social platforms!

You know our main Twitter @WLOYLoyolaradio, but did you know that we have a now playing account just in case you didn’t get on Shazam in time? See what you’re missing while you’re in class and follow @WLOYisPlaying! 

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You can even check in on Foursquare (is that still a thing?)

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 by Courtney K

tumblr_m06xd84W6l1qiopmi HEY! HEY, YOU! Do you like music? Do you like good music? Do you want everyone to hear that music? Well, come on over to our NEW DJ MEETING!

This meeting will be held on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH @ 9:00 at WLOY in Bellarmine Hall.

Be there or be square.

MISSED THE MEETING? You can still contact the Program Director about applying wloypd@loyola.edu

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The Baltimore LED Art Billboard

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 by The Professor

LED Art Billboard It began as a vision for Will Shanklin 8 years ago. At Artscape 2014 it was officially unveiled. This amazing structure is providing a much needed relief from the usual billboards crowding our streets and is creating visibility for a huge collection of artists in the region FOR FREE. Will Shanklin, the artist and visionary behind the billboard’s development and operation sat down for a chat with me right before the official launch of the billboard at Artscape 2014. He shared his idea for the billboard, it’s future and how it can impact art and Baltimore in a positive way. (more…)

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Honfest 2014 in Photos

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 by The Professor

A quick selection of the more than 600 photos we shot over the weekend of June 14th & 15th at the 20th Honfest. For a complete collection, check out the massive album on Facebook.

Sahffi started the weekend off right for us

Picture 1 of 25

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Honfest 2014: The video collection

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 by The Professor

Well, at the moment it’s only one video, but Phil is editing as fast as he can so there will soon be more! Wonder what a weekend at Honfest looks like at high speed with a Caleb Stine covering the Beatles soundtrack? Well here you go!

Here’s the ever-growing playlist of all the videos from the WLOY Stage at Honfest 2014 for your viewing pleasure!

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Honfest 2014: We did it!

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by The Professor

Honfest 2014 Hon Shirt It’s all over but the editing… WLOY hosted 15 amazing musical acts over 2 days on the first-ever WLOY STAGE at Honfest this year!  We had a blast, made a ton of friends, introduced a lot of people to new artists and generally enjoyed the hell out of the weekend.  The weather might well have been the best at any Honfest ever, save for a teensy bit of wind which made us attach the stage to an i-beam, and the crowds were great.  We had a lot of staff show up to help run the tents, despite it being summer and them living far away.  Alumni fairly came out of the woodwork all weekend long, stopping by to say hi, help man the tent and run the stage and even a couple of performers. (more…)

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Honfest Spotlight: Caleb Stine

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 by The Professor

267px-Calebstineliveshot The ever so talented and accomplished Baltimore folk artist Caleb Stine will perform at the WLOY stage for Honfest 2014. Originally from Colorado, Caleb is well known in the Baltimore music scene for his down-to-earth and heartfelt tunes. He is a mountain man at heart and his roots really shine in his performances. The BALTIMORE SUN has called Caleb the “lynchpin of the Baltimore folk scene.” Caleb has released six albums, scored soundtracks, acted Off-Broadway, and has performed in a number of venues from bars to symphony halls and everywhere in between. Caleb really is the man who has done it all and we are so lucky to have him perform on our stage on June 15th. So come on by, enjoy good music, and support your local station WLOY. To learn more about Caleb and his music, visit his website: http://calebstine.com

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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Honfest Spotlight: Don Kim Trio

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 by The Professor

don kim The Don Kim Trio is lead by ukulele enthusiast Don Kim himself. Don is a Maryland native, currently lives in Washington, DC., and is a proud owner of Muko Ukes. He describes himself as a musician, videographer and a social media enthusiast. On his YouTube channel, you can watch and listen to his brand new EP, ukulele covers, loop covers, and his awesome video series “Drive Uke Crazy” where he drives guests around DC and video records their conversation, but one condition, there has to be a uke. He’s performed at many venues with the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area and we are so lucky to have him perform at the WLOY stage on Sunday June 15th for Honfest 2014. Make plans to stop by and to learn more about Don and his music, visit his YouTube channel and his website: http://www.donkimmusic.com/

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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Honfest Spotlight: Claire Anthony

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 by The Professor

Claire Anthony Claire Anthony once graced a WLOY show with the greatest stick-figure rendering of the creative process you could possibly imagine. Seriously. As a bonus she’s a very talented singer songwriter. With her strong vocals, guitar playing, and her personality being sweeter than honey, she’s a versatile musician. Claire’s folkie sound can be reminiscent of warm Summer skies, the dancing of the leaves on those windy Fall days, the crackling of a warm fireplace during those cold Winter nights, and the sweet sound of birds chirping on a nice Spring day. Claire has performed for many of our events in the past and we are happy to have her come perform at the WLOY stage for Honfest 2014. She will be performing on Sunday June 15th. Visit her website: http://www.claireanthonymusic.com/ to listen and learn more about her music

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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Honfest Spotlight: Matt Hutchison

Friday, May 30th, 2014 by The Professor

matt hutchison Here’s another local artist from Baltimore MD who will also be playing on the WLOY stage, one who’s a veteran of world tours with his band Fools & Horses. With Fools & Horses temporarily parted (see what we did there?) Matt has been releasing great solo work. Matt sees himself as, “A modern-day gentleman cowboy, earnestly looking West out of his East-Coast bedroom window”. With one solo studio album under his belt and currently working on his second, we expect even more great stuff from Matt soon! Be sure to stop by the WLOY Stage at HONfest 2014 to see Matt perform. To learn more about Matt and listen to his music visit his website: http://www.matthutchison.org/home

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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