Explore Baltimore: Strawberry Fields

Friday, December 3rd, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

What: Antique Shop

Where: 803 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

When: Thursday-Sunday- 12-4 pm Tuesday/Wednesday- 12-5 pm

Reviewed By: Amelia Dunat

When I first entered Strawberry Fields it just looked busy and cluttered. However, upon further inspection, this little shop was packed with utterly unique finds and tons of little knickknacks to dig through. Even if you are not looking to collect or purchase anything, it is always fun just to look through everything since there is always something new each time you return, and every item is priced low. You can find items like costume jewelry, mirrors, vintage art, sunglasses, figurines, vintage magazines, CDs and vinyl, Vintage décor, pins, beads, brooches, and even toys like Beanie Babies. The owner is also incredibly kind, greeting every customer at the door. She is very enthusiastic about her inventory. If you are looking for anything specific, you can leave your name with her, and she will give you a call if it turns up. The last time I went she was standing outside the store asking customers and even strangers on the street to guess her age- and if they got it correct, she gave them a $25 gift card to purchase anything they want in the store. She even gives a 10% discount to students and teachers! It is impossible not to like Strawberry Fields or its friendly owner, and it is always so much fun going in because you never know what to expect!

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Album of the Week: Language & Perspective by Bad Suns

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

“Language & Perspective” by Bad Suns

Reviewed by: Ben Ostrowski

Pop songs can take you on a journey in 3 minutes, and this is exactly what this song does. It sounds catchy, it’s simple and quite lovely.

Bad Suns are a Californian-based quartet whose slick hooks earned them a spot on today’s song of the week! Their song “Cardiac Arrest” was released with their album “Language & Perspective” and was an instant hit. One of the song’s greatest attributes is its echo, especially during the intro. This reverberating into lick builds up to a neo-new wave guitar fill and an insanely catchy drum beat that will stay stuck in your head for weeks.

With finals going on, you’ll need some catchy and relaxing music to calm you down, and Bad Suns will deliver just that every single time.

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Album of the Week: Girlfriend By The Driver Era

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

Girlfriend by The Driver Era

Reviewed by: Isabelle Braudakis

Rate: 9/10

RIYL: Wallows, HUNNY, Kid Bloom, Lovelytheband, Ruel, Bad Suns, Hippo Campus

Girlfriend by The Driver Era, released on October 18, is the duo’s second studio album. Based in Los Angeles, Rocky and Ross Lynch crafted this R&B/Pop-Rock/Alternative record. The duos sprinkle bits of so many genres in their music. Starting with the first track, Heart of Mine, right from the beginning this song is a perfect example of genre-blending. This record has the ability to mix in different genres and styles without making anything seem mismatched. 

This album has earned its place in my personal top albums for 2021. The Driver Era does such an amazing job at creating such an addictive sound. Creamy bass lines and smoothing vocals help create a very vibrant and electric experience. One of my favorite bands of all time, you should give them a listen!

Try out “Flash Drive” and “Heart of Mine” from this album!

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Interested in Becoming a WLOY DJ?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

WLOY is recruiting DJs from all class years for the new fully on-campus semester! Play or talk about anything that you are interested in! Whether you would like to host a one-time show or have a regular slot, all shows will be held in our studios. In-person training will be given to all recruits and alcohol wipes and disposable covers for earpieces and microphones are provided. Reach out to our manager, Kelley Chan, at kchan@loyola.edu to get things rolling!

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Quarantine Takeover – Dead Air Returns!

Monday, September 6th, 2021 by The Professor

This week musician and collector Terence Hannum returns with an all new Quarantine Takover episode of DEAD AIR!

DEAD AIR features the best of horror movies soundtracks is back for a new episode of haunting, atmospheric soundtracks from some incredibly talented artists and more than a few surprises. This is no gnashing of the teeth 1970s Halloween sounds show, this is classic films with stunning soundtracks that show you just how your spine is made to tingle. Join Terence Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm for this new episode and keep your eyes open because October and a month of DEAD AIR is just around the corner!

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FAC Attack 2021

Monday, August 30th, 2021 by The Professor

It’s BACK! Yes, we are back to having students on campus fully in person. And so… FAC ATTACK returns for 2021. For first year students this will be Friday 8-10pm and to make up for the lost year there will be a special FAC ATTACK on Saturday for sophomores since they didn’t get one last year. WLOY will be there both nights with a swag galore so come by and get your free buttons, stickers and t-shirts! We’ll also have a chance to win hoodies and coffee mugs while requesting your favorite songs for us to play. Meet the staff, talk about job opportunities at WLOY and how to become a DJ! See you at the FAC!

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Quarantine Takeover – Don Muench Part 2

Monday, July 19th, 2021 by The Professor

This week we go back to sweet home Chicago for a second episode with Don Muench. Our returning guest host is musician and record collector who’s spent a lifetime in Chicago and connected to the blues music scene. Don shares some more stories about his wedding, honeymoon and throwing parties… The music takes a very local dive into his vinyl collection. It’s all about Chicago tonight.

Tune in Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm to hear this takeover and explore Don’s stories and his great vinyl collection.

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Quarantine Takeover – Lawrence Lanahan

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 by The Professor

This week’s Quarantine Takeover is by Disappearing Ink’s Lawrence Lanahan celebrating his life in record stores. Lawrence is an accomplished producer of radio, podcasts and music, as well as a teacher, lecturer and author of a fantastic book exploring the racial divides in home buying in Baltimore. But, first and foremost he is a lover of music and records. A devotee of the record store and the value of the experience found therein. Join him on a walk through his history of finding music, new and old, and reveling in the joy of sharing music through the record store. Tune in Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm EST.

Disappering Ink has a new EP out on Bandcamp as well. And you can get Lawrence’s book online or in local shops like The Ivy Bookshop. Do that in person because book stores, like record stores, should be in person experiences…

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Moldie Oldies 4th of July Special

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 by The Professor

Our annual tradition continues!

Supercharge your BBQ and join Nick Centanni on WLOY Noon-4PM for his annual special Moldie Oldies Show this July 4!

Nick will have a mix of upbeat summer songs, Independence Day facts, jokes, and of course periodic visits from campus royalty via the ‘gold campus royalty phone.’

He will be up to his usual tricks so you won’t know what to expect next. There will also be a special Independence Day wishes from some familiar voices.

This is high octane radio so make it a date and don’t be late! The fun begins July 4 at noon all right here on WLOY!

WARNING: This show should only be used under adult supervision. Keep out of reach of children. For outdoor use only. Do not hold in hand. Remember to place this show on the ground, light fuse and get away. Never attempt to relight this show should it malfunction or misfire. Keep others at a safe distance. This show is flammable, misuse may result in injury or fire.

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Quarantine Takeover: Don Muench

Monday, June 21st, 2021 by The Professor

This week we get a takeover show from Chicago. Our guest host is musician and record collector Don Muench who takes a very local dive into his collection of 60s-80s garage rock and blues bands. It’s all about Chicago tonight.

His stories of the local music scene and bands are great. Whether it’s how he met his wife, calling Muddy Waters at home or hiring legendary bluesman JB Hutto and the Hawks to play at his wedding, he’s got a lot of stories 🙂

Tune in Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm to hear this takeover and explore Don’s great vinyl collection.

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