July 12, 2020

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  • 12:07pm Old Red #7 by Ralph’s World on Ralph’s World Rocks & Reads (Waterdog Records)
  • 12:16pm Animal Collective by Dean Jones on In My Dreams (Dean Jones)
  • 12:19pm Christopher Columbus Sailed by Ralph’s World on Time Machine Guitar (Waterdog Records)
  • 12:22pm La La La La Lemon by Barenaked Ladies on For the Kids (Nettwerk)
  • 12:24pm In The Car by The Story Pirates on Nothing Is Impossible (Gimlet Media)
  • 12:27pm We Get up in the Morning by Sara Lovell on You’ve Got Me (Sara Lovell)
  • 12:29pm Sam Fi Man by Stanley Beckford on Reggaemento (tu00f4t ou tard)
  • 12:35pm Bile Them Cabbage by Red Yarn on Deep Woods Revival (Red Yarn Productions)
  • 12:38pm Indonesia (Sumatra-Medan) by Bedjo Mankekar on The World Sings Goodnight (Silver Wave)
  • 12:41pm The Seed by 123 Andru00e9s on Arriba Abajo (Salsana Music)
  • 12:44pm Abominable Snowman by Big Block Singsong on Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (Big Block Singsong)
  • 12:46pm Sweetly Sings the Donkey by Ella Jenkins on Camp Songs with Ella Jenkins & Friends (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)
  • 12:47pm Day One by Tim Kubart on Building Blocks (Magenta Marketing,Inc.)
  • 12:50pm Breakdancin’ by Sugar Free Allstars on Sugar Free Allstars (Wiser Music)
  • 12:54pm Waterfall by Petit Biscuit, Panama on Waterfall (Petit Biscuit Music)
  • 12:57pm Could Have Been Me by The Struts on Could Have Been Me (Universal Music)
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