August 9, 2020

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  • 12:09pm You May Be A Triangle by Raffi on Owl Singalong (UMG – New Rounder)
  • 12:19pm Surfin’ in My Imagination by Ralph’s World on Welcome to Ralph’s World (Disney)
  • 12:22pm Real Gone by Sheryl Crow on Cars Original Soundtrack (Disney Records (Europe))
  • 12:25pm Bel Fanm by Michael Benjamin on Mika (Lusafrica )
  • 12:30pm Down by the River by Pete Seeger on Tomorrow’s Children (Appleseed)
  • 12:33pm Poland by Miyriam Soszewicz on The World Sings Goodnight (Silver Wave Records)
  • 12:34pm Ukulele in a Snowstorm by The Okee Dokee Brothers on Winterland (Okee Dokee Music)
  • 12:37pm Have a Little Fun With Me by Glen Phillips on For The Kids (WMG – Nettwerk Records)
  • 12:40pm Gozar by MISTER G on Gozar (Coil Records)
  • 12:45pm Take A Breath by Raffi on Dog On The Floor (UMG – New Rounder)
  • 12:48pm We Sing Out by Pete Seeger on Tomorrow’s Children (Appleseed)
  • 12:51pm Pata Pata 2000 by Miriam Makeba on Homeland (Siyandisa)
  • 12:55pm Color Worn by Gates on Parallel Lives (SME – Pure Noise Records)
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